Don't Enjoy Face-to-Face Networking? Here Are Some Alternatives.

Photo by Brittany Gaiser on Unsplash

​I haven’t gone to a networking meeting or conference in more than 5 years.

Yet, I have a people-centric business (training/coaching/mentoring)… and it is thriving more than ever.

Here's why I have never enjoyed in-person networking:
  • I usually find myself in a corner, too shy to insert myself into another conversation or introduce myself.
  • If I do strike up a conversation with someone nice, I end up talking (more like listening) to that perso…

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How To Do Influencer Marketing for Free

One of the quickest ways to visibility is when an influencer promotes your content or business.

Nowadays it's called “influencer marketing” and the way it’s usually done is to pay an influencer (such as a popular Instagram star) to post about your product, service, brand, or message.

This can work if your product is proven to sell, and your budget for an Ad can be several hundred dollars (or thousands) to experiment with.

There’s another way that is free, but requires more time:

To create co…

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