Course Launch: Making Simple, Authentic Videos for Your Business

​​Excited to be re-teaching one of my popular courses -- Authentic Video Creation: Make Simple Videos To Share Your Message & Grow Your True Audience.

Since 2014 I have been recording online videos, and have now published well over 1,000 videos.
Many of my clients say that they watched my videos before deciding to work with me.
In fact, new clients often discover me through my videos on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.
Compared to other mediums (writing, images, podcasts), videos do the best job of building warmth with one's potential students and clients.
You get to reach a whole new audience of people who prefer to watch videos instead of reading long articles. 
Another wonderful benefit of making videos is that it will help you discover your voice and step into a powerful expression of your mission and service.
One of the biggest problems to making videos consistently is perfectionismIt may be taking you too much time to make each video. This may be preventing you from enjoying the great benefits of making videos and stepping into more of your authentic expression.
Other problems include confusion about the technology, lack of content structure, not having an effective workflow for creating and publishing your videos, and missing a simple marketing plan to consistently find new and ideal viewers of your videos.
Here's the key -- making your videos has got to be a simple process, so that you'll actually do it, and be able to focus on your message and heart of service, instead of trying to be an amazing videographer. (Though you could end up becoming one!)  

Join this course to nudge yourself toward making videos – and doing them consistently – so that you grow a larger warm audience.
I am excited to walk you through my entire process:

  • How I come up my video ideas

  • Difference between what to put into your free videos vs paid courses

  • How I prepare for my videos

  • What helps me show up naturally and confidently on video, even though I used to be so anxious to be on camera

  • How to decide on the length of videos

  • How much to say in a video / how deep to go into a topic
  • What camera / webcam I use

  • Befriending the camera lens so I feel natural and comfortable on video

  • Simple ways to get great lighting (which is important!)

  • What microphone I use and why (I've tried many)

  • Whether to record on phone or laptop

  • Whether to do live videos or pre-recorded and why

  • Super simple video editing when needed

  • How I make my video thumbnail images

  • How to upload to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and which one(s) should you choose?

  • Youtube channel setup and settings

  • How I get more people to watch and engage with my videos

For more details and to sign up, go here:
Online course for making simple authentic business videos

Perhaps I'll see you in the c ourse!

~ George Kao