The Core of Authentic Marketing

​Since you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you are in business primarily 
to express your soul and to serve others’ positive transformation.

Yes, you want a sustainable income, to allow you to keep doing the work you love… but your business is mainly from a deep place of calling.
Yet, most business/marketing experts assume that we’re doing this for the money. They try to get our attention with images of cash, cars, vacations…

“Get more traffic and profits!” “Build a 6-figure income!”

They’ve made Money to be the god of their business.

So they’re doing marketing for the sales… not for the joy. Therefore, their normal mode of operation becomes manipulation. They get cycles of short-term highs (when campaigns are profitable) and frustration (when campaigns don’t meet planned results.)

Do we want to learn marketing in that way? If so, we start to see marketing as a means to an end. Marketing becomes a necessary evil, to eventually build a business that we actually want, a future time when we can finally do little to no marketing.

But you know this as well as I do: compromising our values on a regular basis isn’t going to create a business that we deeply enjoy.

Practicing Non-Attachment… in Marketing

The more attached we are to results, the more inauthentic our actions become.

If we “must” get a specific outcome to feel successful — “results-driven marketing” — we start to subtly justify our manipulations of others.

Instead, what if we focus our energy on inner-exploration and outer-service? The more we do this, the more authentic our marketing becomes.

If we learn to enjoy the activity no matter the result, our marketing itself can become a deeply fulfilling experience. This makes us more likely to be consistent in doing it. And, being more consistent, we’re likely to get better results… ironic!

However, instead of doing marketing to get clients (a means to an end), let’s practice making marketing itself worth doing.

Authentic marketing is the public action of one’s soulful exploration that leads to the service to others’ transformation.

It is not “so that I can get more traffic and make more sales”… although that is sometimes the result!

When you share your soulful expression in service to the world, others sense your authenticity. Real trust starts to be earned.

Real trust is where sustainable sales are made.

Yet if you focus on the sale, you’ll lose their trust.So it’s really about where you focus your attention as you do your marketing: Soulful expression and play… or a fixation on the results?

While you are doing marketing actions: Be in the energy of inner exploration and outer service.

the marketing is done, with some distance of time, then look at the results — how did the audience respond? Looking at the data helps you to fine-tune your marketing intuition, so you can serve people better next time.

Whenever I am marketing — whether it’s writing articles, making videos, updating my website, sending an email newsletter, running ads, conducting webinars, talking with prospective clients — this is my inner mantra:

Bless and Let Go.

Be in service to our audience. Remember that even the marketing itself is an offering… it can be a ministry. By being exposed to our authentic presence (perhaps it’s healing, or inspiring, or helpful, or entertaining), our audience will respond and grow in due time.

May we do our marketing from a deep place of trust… gratitude… and play!

May we practice sensing into the deep fulfillment that is possible for any activity, even marketing. By doing the activity from this heartspace, we will naturally wish to keep at it… and our consistency will eventually grow positive results.

When your marketing is an exploration of your authenticity, and an offering of service to others, then no matter the results, you experience joy along the way!

​(Originally written in 2018, updated in 2020.)

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