Energy Reboot 3

Energy Reboot is a practice of checking in with oneself throughout a day. It combines intentional breathing with a quick stretch. It’s important that it is quick ( about 20 seconds) because it’s meant to be practiced frequently throughout the day.

I've been doing the practice since at least 2017.  It’s been deeply helpful. It has supported me through big shifts in my business, as well as getting me joyfully through my daily work. The key is consistently doing it.

Since this post is named Energy Reboot 3, you might want to start at the beginning:

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I’m now extending the practice to part 3 – which I’m calling Tiny Reboots – an even quicker version (about 3 seconds) of the Energy Reboot.

A “tiny reboot” is taking a quick moment for an intentional breath, to bring more of one’s higher self into the present.

Tiny Reboots should ideally be done several times in-between the regular Energy Reboots. (That’s why this is “part 3” because if you aren’t yet doing the regular Energy Reboot, it’s helpful to start building that habit first.)

Now that I’ve been practicing Tiny Reboots consistently for a few weeks, I find that it makes my day even more joyful and calmly focused. I feel like I could get through almost any challenge in life.

The problem is that it’s easy to forget to do Tiny Reboots, unless I link them together, with the first tiny reboot starting soon after an Energy Reboot.

I find that practicing the tiny reboots really does change the character of my breathing, and brings more intentional spirituality to my work, because I am now connecting more of my breaths with deeper/higher values that I try to bring into my work.

The aim is to become more aware about my state of being (and have a choice about bringing more Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, Grace, etc) throughout my work day.

The most common question people have: don’t these practices interrupt my train of thought?

Here’s my response:

  1. At the start of each work segment, I write down what I'm doing (via Toggl – a free app) so it helps me stay on track.

  2. My train of thought really isn't that important, compared to my state of being. I always think that at my life's end, I won’t care if I’ve had many uninterrupted trains of thought and could work more efficiently… I will instead look back and treasure the moments of Love and Growth. In other words, my state of being in any moment is way more important than what I’m actually doing.

  3. The more practice of Tiny Reboots, the more that mindful breathing is integrated into my usual thinking and doing so that actually, it doesn’t really interrupt any trains :)

Anchoring the Tiny Reboot

As with any good habit, it's helpful to "anchor" an aimed-for behavior to an existing consistent behavior.

In the case of Tiny Reboot, I anchor it to looking at the clock/timer, since I do that regularly already. 

Again, when I look at the timer, I take a second for the tiny reboot.

Having a simple word is useful for this practice. “Thanks" and"trust" are my current favorites.

The hourly habit of doing an Energy Reboot is essential, if I want to activate the rhythm of tiny reboots throughout the day.

New Breathing

As I've been practicing the tiny reboot, I notice how often I breathe in a shallow way, or sometimes, barely breathe at all.

Typically, we rarely notice our breath. Now, with the tiny reboot practice, I find myself consciously feeling my breath more often (it is the simplest feel-good thing we humans do!) and connecting it to some value I cherish, such as gratitude and trust.

Because the breath is new every minute (several in a minute!) there is opportunity for fresh energy in any moment…. for spiritual rest, and growth, in any moment.

I'm grateful for the anchoring of the mindful breath to the existing habit of looking at the clock and timer.

The magical benefit of energy reboots and tiny reboots is that it's possible to feel good all day!  

It is a simple and subtle miracle that throughout each and every day, we have the simplest divine pleasure available to us: the breath, especially if we can connect our breaths to a deeper meaning.

Your breath is with you every moment of every day. By practicing transforming that breath into a feeling of love, security, gratitude, trust, etc, you transform your whole day 🌅