​Do Your Work from an Inner Spark of Joy.

​How are you being, as you go about your tasks and your work?

Are you anxious, struggling, and “just want to get it done”?

The quality of your work tends to match the quality of your being.

You have no guarantees of your results — you can only control how you do the work. Therefore, why not work from joy… instead of anxiety, boredom, or frustration?

​Your state of being is your top priority, because the only thing you truly can control is your inner life.
— -

​The quality of your life arises from the quality of your being.

The quality of your being arises from the quality of your daily practice.

Today, practice tapping into the spark of joy within you.

From there, do your work.

— -

None of us can escape work… if we want some level of material comfort, or the experience of achievement, growth, and fulfillment.

Since work must be done, the only thing left in your control is how you do the work.

You are working towards a better future: for your life, for your family, for the world. Yet, you have no guarantee that your work today will contribute to that.
What you can control — for sure — is how you feel as you do your work.

The truth is that you are always practicing how you do your work.

Most of us are never taught how to practice well. We’re only taught to “work hard”… which we imagine to be something like having a slight scowl on our face, tense shoulders, short shallow breaths, and inner struggle.

In other words, “Hustle!” “Grind!”

That is what many people have been practicing for years.

No wonder so many of us yearn for easy money, easy work, easy life, even though we know those to be shallow illusions that don’t truly add value to our growth.

We need to do real work, deep work, to really advance our vision for the world and our own lives. There are real problems that are deeply calling to us, crying out for our best contribution.

And yet, we are afraid because we have been practicing the idea of “working hard” (a.k.a. inner suffering) all our lives, and so we recoil it.

It’s no wonder that we wish to avoid “work”, as we know it to be.

— -

The more we practice something, the more natural it becomes.

Right now, it may be more natural for you to work within an aura of anxiety, stress, frustration, or boredom. (At least, some tasks feel that way to you.)
But for any task, you can practice a different way.

— -

Throughout the day, in any moment of negativity — anxiety, stress, confusion, tension, boredom — any moment where you don’t feel joy, peace, or love … you have temporarily forgotten The Spark.

The Spark within you can never be extinguished. It goes by various names: Consciousness, Higher Self, Spirit, Your True Nature, Inner Peace, Joy, Love, The Force, God.

The Spark is always, patiently, waiting for you to reconnect.

Whenever you tap into the Spark, you feel a deep sense of joy, peace, love. When you practice tapping into the Spark on a regular basis (ideally, many times in a day) those good feelings start to pervade your entire life… including how you work.

No matter what is happening, no matter the decisions you’ve made, no matter the mistakes and failures, the Spark is always with you, patiently available, ready to be kindled into a warm fire.

Yet, it only comes with practice. Tapping into the Spark is a skill you can learn, and with enough repetition, it becomes natural.

One of the core practices for me is the Energy Reboot. I do this many times a day, as frequently as 15 minutes during any working hour. The practice only takes me 30 seconds, so it’s very doable as a microbreak.

Other practices people may find useful include: mindfulness meditation, prayer, spiritual music, dance, and any activity that allows you to feel the joy, peace, and love of the Spark.

But don’t just do it in the morning or evening — do it hourly during your working day. Otherwise, how will you make that deep joy into a habit that pervades your entire day?

If it’s hard for you to feel the Spark, it can be very helpful to use the services of a spiritual mentor, counselor, or coach. Feel free to reach out to me for recommendations. Or if you provide that kind of service, comment below.

When you are connected with your Spark, you feel a deep sense of well-being.

To build an authentic business, the top priority for any work session is to first access that state of deep well-being. Then from there, do your work. You will enjoy your work so much more. Others will more likely enjoy your work, too.

Whatever the results, people will appreciate the way you do your work.

And how you do your work will also remind them of their Spark. You will be adding deep value to others… truly bettering the world.

Instead of trying to manipulate the world to your vision before you can be happy, first get into the state of deep happiness (connection to the Spark) and from that inner state, do the work that might contribute externally to a better life and world.

Regardless of outer results, for which we have no guarantee, if you practice the Spark, you will always experience a rich and joyful inner life.

— -

The real challenge for staying connected to your Spark is when you need to respond to a difficult situation or person.

Most of us have practiced years of responding from our ego, from “what I want” the world and others to be like… to have things our way, our preference.

It may feel natural to operate from ego and feel negativity when things don’t go your way… but it doesn’t have to be this way. What’s natural is what’s repeated.

Therefore, take a few deep breaths, and practice tapping into your Spark, before responding to the situation or person.

Life is an endless struggle if we are always trying to manipulate the world and others to match our vision, to force what we think should happen, before we allow ourselves to be happy.

Instead, when we practice tapping into the Spark first… to experience first the peace, the joy, the love that is always within us, always awaiting our reconnection, then Life becomes bliss.

Today, and in any moment, you are either practicing ego and negativity, or you are practicing tapping into your Spark.

You always have a choice.

I wish you a life and work that arises from a deep sense of well-being.

— -

(Originally written 2018, updated for 2020.)