"Ping!" Your Energy Signature To Attract Kindred Spirit Clients

Authentic Marketing is about Energy Signature

It's important to make sure your business activities feel meaningful for you to do... worthy of your precious life energy. For me, "marketing" is not worthy unless it's connected to the expression of my energy signature...

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, February 16, 2024

Does authentic marketing just happen on its own? Not for most of us. What comes naturally for many people is to not take any action… to give into anxiety and fear of rejection.

Instead I encourage us to take conscious action to notice and practice what I call our “energy signature”. It's the heart of authentic marketing.


How I understand “energy signature”

Your “energy signature” is everything about you that resonates with your ideal viewer, reader, customer, client, or simply your ideal kindred spirit.

It can include the colors you happen to choose for your website. It’s in your constitution to choose certain colors, font types or sizes. It includes the way your ideas are shaped in your mind, and how you communicate them. Your voice, how you look, the background you choose for your photos and videos, the way you move your hands — all of it is part of your energy signature.

Even your name, of course. Have you ever come across someone with a name that you instantly felt some connection to? Perhaps their name is similar to yours or to someone whom you got along great with? Others will feel the same about your name… yet another example of energy signature resonance.

Some people use the term “personal brand” to encompass these factors. I like “energy signature” as it suggests that it radiates from your authenticity, your soulfulness.

I’ll share with you a metaphorical story I love to tell, to illustrate energy signature and finding our kindred spirits. Some of you may believe this literally, and some will take it as an imaginary analogy. May this story inspire you to share your energy signature more powerfully:


An imaginary tale about Energy Signatures…

Imagine we were once together, a soul family thriving in a celestial realm known as Heaven, aglow with a wisdom and love that felt almost boundless. Each of us was a unique spark in a grand constellation, radiant in the light of our collective unity.

But despite this harmony, a subtle yearning began to stir within us — a desire for deeper individual expression and growth.

An Elder Soul stood before our gathering and said, “Though we are in this unified realm, we yearn for individual experiences on Earth to enrich our collective wisdom. Let’s incarnate during a time of a great digital web, where we can send forth our unique energy signatures as a way to remember and recognize one another.”

In agreement, we soul family members embarked on our journey, manifesting into physical forms to navigate a complex world filled with opportunities. Still bound by an eternal promise to seek and offer lessons, we ventured into lives where we could look out for our kin.

Grounded now in teachings of authentic business, we each began carving our own paths, emitting energy signatures through videos, writings, audios and art — heartfelt pieces designed to resonate through the digital landscape. Our creations were imprints of our authentic selves.

While Earth’s challenges — doubt, time, imperfection — sometimes darkened our steps, we drew strength from our original mission, seeing difficulties not as obstacles but the medium through which our signatures could become more distinct, more refined.

Over time, these soulful pings became more potent, more nuanced, like cosmic beacons attracting old soulmates back into our orbit. Each reunion was a moment of celestial alignment, rekindling ancient connections and filling us with a sense of completeness and purpose.

Every emitted signature and collaborative endeavor wove an intricate new pattern into the tapestry of our lives, creating a bridge to where we came from. As each of us found our people, the brilliant constellation we once formed reclaimed its brilliance, glowing with renewed fervor.

Our mission endures in Heaven and on Earth: to develop as individuals while fostering an eternal collective unity. Our energy signatures continue to flow, each one a note in a cosmic symphony of reconnection and love.

(This tale was co-written with Ai support.)


We’re here to find each other…

So here in this life, we’re essentially playing a game to find each other: our kindred spirits.

You began this life hidden from most of your “soul group” (again, take these terms as literally or metaphorically as is helpful for you.) Your soulmates landed in different countries, different places, and even different decades.

Those of us interested in sharing a message: I think we have a soul contract to use authentic marketing and related tools available to “ping… ping… ping…” until our soul group is drawn to us more and more.

I believe it’s worked for you who are reading this — you are part of my soul group :)

And some of you are part of each other’s as well, which is why people in my community often say: “George, you gather the most awesome people!”

I’ve pinged my energy signature so much that it’s brought many of you together :)


Your soul group is patiently looking for you…

So how do we find our people?

However you share yourself with the world, in the way you feel most energized, is how you’re meant to “ping… ping… ping…” your energy signature, so that your soul group can hear the call.

“Something about this person resonates, I’ll keep reading their website, even though I don’t love the font or colors.”

Your soul group is way more patient with you than the average person. When you’re doing your authentic marketing (e.g. writing your blogs, making your videos, posting on social media, creating your website, etc.) you’re not doing it for someone who couldn’t care less about you. You’re doing it for your soulmates.

When your soul group members look at your website, even if it sucks visually (like mine does, admittedly, especially as a “marketing expert”!), they’ll find something about you that resonates so deeply, that they’ll continue reading no matter what.

There may be some soulmates who aren’t as patient the first or second time, but because they’re your soul group, they’ll somehow keep hearing about you. Finally, they’ll say “Okay, I’ll take a third or fourth look.”

So be consistent in doing your “ping… ping… ping…” in the ways you know how. Allow your soulmates the opportunities to follow up, because something about you resonates.

Whether you use Instagram, YouTube, Substack, LinkedIn, etc… try them all and then use whatever resonates most with you.

It may take them 2, 8, or 20 tries, but you need to give them those opportunities to think “Oh, I was tired or distracted last time, but there’s something about this person…I need to check them out again.”

Just recently a new client said this very thing to me: “George — it took 4 tries looking at your stuff before I really gave you a chance.”

So get out there — your soulmate audience is looking for you! 🤗

To dive much deeper into the topic, check out my Energy Signature for Soulpreneurs course.