Stream a Zoom Meeting to Facebook and/or Youtube

It's convenient to use Zoom to stream to FB Live or YT Live if you want to show a meeting publicly (or privately) and/or share your screen.

​In this video I show you how I do a few things:
1) Use Zoom to stream a meeting to Facebook Live — whether it’s to a private group, or your public page. You can also stream yourself only, and it’s convenient to use Zoom because you can screenshare if you need to, or use one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds.

2) Use Zoom to stream to Youtube Live — whether public, unlisted, or private.

3) Stream to both Facebook and Youtube at the same time, using StreamYard, a paid service. If you want to sign up and get $10 in credit, use my referral link:
(I’ll also get some credit on my account — thank you!)

4) How to most easily trim a Facebook Live or Youtube Live video. This is helpful if you need to take out the first few seconds when you’re trying to figure out if you’re recording yet :)

I hope this helps!

​By the way I learned about Streamyard from Sandy Freschi. To use her referral link instead, go here: