On a Regular Basis, Repost Your Old Best Content

​"I love that song... I hope they’ll play it at the next concert!" --a fan of any band. 

The same is true for your content and your audience. 

Not only should you not be afraid to repeat yourself, you should consider doing it regularly. 
Have a consistent rhythm of reposting your popular articles, videos, or podcast episodes. Feel free to repeat the same ideas you’ve said before, whether in the same way or in a different way.

This may give you some relief that you don’t have to constantly create new content forever (although, it is good for your creativity/mental fitness to do so!) You can sometimes simply work on improving and reposting your previous stuff. 

First Create Experimentally

At first, when you have no content, you will need to create new pieces, obviously. Otherwise, you’ll never find the great content that is your potential to create. 

If you’re concerned that your content isn’t good enough, let me reassure you that quality content will arise when you focus on quantity of output.

All content creators must post things out there to see whether or not it makes an impact. You can’t predict in advance whether your content is “good”, unless you’ve posted many things and over time, learned about your audience’s reactions to various topics and ways you approach ideas.

Your Best 100

As you create more and more content, you’ll notice that some of them make more of an impact with your audience. Take note of which ones are most popular. 

As I wrote about in the 3 stages of content creation, the pieces that get more engagement are worth re-sharing regularly.

Imagine having 100 popular posts that you've created, that you simply keep recycling! 

Each time you repost it, take a few moments to improve on it a bit. 

100 posts is enough content for a whole year -- or two to three years if you also mix in some new stuff that you experiment with.  Plenty of content!

Keep creating, and you are certainly on your way there.

Track and Compare

To know what older stuff is worth repurposing means that you are doing some kind of tracking of your content results. 

Even just once a month, go back and look at your writings or videos on one social media platform (e.g. Facebook or Youtube) and note down the Likes divided by Reach. This will help you to see what’s making more impact, compared to everything else you’ve posted.

If you’re struggling with having ideas in the first place on what to write or speak about, or want to dive deeper into tracking content, study my Content Creation Course.

Have a rhythm, like a show

The “secret” to building an audience is to be consistent in posting content. 

Notice that any TV show or popular radio show has a consistent schedule of when new episodes air. Otherwise, they disappoint and lose their audience.

My rhythm of content at this time is as follows:

  • Mondays I post a shortened blog post (something that did well before) to Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

  • Tuesdays I repost a good short video to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

  • Wednesdays are when I promote my current or upcoming offer.

  • Thursdays are the same format as Mondays.

  • Fridays I post an article to my website blog, my Medium account, and I make a Facebook Live video which I then also post to Youtube. I also immediately record a shorter video for Instagram Live which I upload to IGTV. The best of these shorter videos are what I upload on Tuesdays.

You don’t have to do all these platforms. The key is to have a plan that you can be consistent with, so that you’re continually creating and publishing.

Notice that in my schedule, I’m only creating something new once a week: on Fridays. And even then, I have already created so much content over the years that I now simply edit a best older piece every other Friday. So in essence, nowadays I only write something new once every 2 weeks.

You’ll get there too, as you keep creating!

It begins as a personal growth practice

Before you build an engaged audience, being consistent with content is about the practice of (gentle) self-discipline, which will serve you in many aspects of your business for years to come. 

As I always like to say: be strict about showing up, lenient about the results.

In the beginning, when I had no content to work with, I was making a short video 5 times a week, and writing a short post alongside each video, to experiment with creating. To practice using my “voice” and finding my writing style. 

Yes, 5 new pieces of content each week, in 2 different formats. That consistent practice helped me get out of writer’s blog and video resistance, and has made it more comfortable for me to keep creating today.

Make a plan for how often you’ll create and publish content. Commit to it because it’s important for your self-exploration and as a way for you to serve the world generously. You’ll also grow in your communication skills!

You’ll gradually grow an audience, who will tell you which of your pieces are especially impactful.

Keep creating. You are on your way to finding your 100 best pieces!