Venn Diagram: Your Authentic Business

​Which circle do you need to focus on at this time?

Take a look at the diagram above.

​The more years you have -- before you must earn a living from your business -- the more you are welcome to explore the red circle on the left.  You have more time to explore your passions.

However, the more quickly you need to create a livelihood from your business, the more urgently you need to explore the green circle on the right.  You have a greater imperative to understand your market.

Your most authentic business is the intersection of the 2 circles -- your ideal niche -- where you are offering a service/product that you love, and that others love to buy.

How to figure out your ideal niche...

When trying to figure out what that intersection is for you, this exercise can help...
​1. Write down in the left (red) circle:
  • what you love to teach, or can discuss for hours?
  • what you love helping other people with (especially clients)?
  • what you would love your business to be about?
  • what would you love to do in your business?
  • what have you already been helping friends/co-workers with, that might be sold as a service?
  • what would you love to sell?

2. Write down in the right (green) circle: 
  • Thinking about the type of client you'd love to serve in your business, what type of service do they love to buy? 
  • What type of workshops do they attend?
  • What books do they love to read?
  • What programs do they buy/attend?
  • What events do they go to?
  • On what services do they spend their money?

Yes, it may take a lot of conversations with them (or email them the questions).  It will take your empathy to discover enough about them, to study their behavior, to correctly answer any of the questions above.

"Want to be interesting?  Get interested in others." 

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

This isn't just about business... Empathy is a wonderful trait/skill for you (for anyone and everyone) to develop.  It's one of the higher purposes of life.

This is worthwhile work: finding your ideal niche, finding your calling, building your authentic business.