The Uniqueness of Your Content: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

​You don’t have to be a great writer.

You don’t have to make amazing videos.

To stand out in a saturated online space, what is most needed is to care more than others are willing to care.

Care enough to show up consistently.

​Care enough to risk embarrassment or criticism.
This is what most people do: stay quiet, produce little to no content, be invisible online, give into their fear more than their love. This is the bottom line:

Love more, and you will stand out.

Love the people you wish to help.

Love the topics you wish to speak about.

Love the process of learning through taking action.

“But everything has already been said… and it’s been said better than I could ever say it…”

I’ve said it before — and so have many others — but I’ll say it until every reader understands:

You don’t have to try to be unique. Your voice is already unique. Nobody in the history of the world has had your specific combination of…
  • your upbringing
  • your personality
  • your challenges
  • all the various conversations you’ve had
  • all the learning you’ve done via reading, watching, and living

Just by opening your mouth to speak, or putting fingers to keyboard, you will be creating unique content.

There is nothing more you need to do, other than to show up and offer your thoughts and authentic presence.

“But they say it better than I could… how do I stand out?”

Do they tell your life story?

Of course not… they tell theirs.

And if they tell their stories well, it’s because they’ve practiced it a lot.

Tell your stories, as often as you can, so that, through practice you become skillful.

This is why I always encourage you create consistently.

Build your skills through consistent practice.

Uniqueness + Skill is what makes people stand out. We’ve already established that your story is unique (nobody has lived your life!) so now you need the Skill to tell it well. Skill comes with showing up again and again.

Whatever you want to become great at — whatever you want to be known for — you need to practice doing more of it.

Don’t worry about competition. Create for your True Fans.

You think your audience loves Brene Brown’s writings, or Joe Dispenza’s teachings, or whoever else, but you’ve forgotten that those stratospheric leaders cannot relate or engage with your audience like you can at this time. Your fans? They are closer to where you are your journey now. This is your advantage, your opportunity.

Your fans relate more to you than to a celebrity. When you tell your story, they say “I feel that way too… that’s also what I’m going through.”

Whenever you show up, they are paying attention to you in that moment, not to anyone else.

Share your authenticity and care, and don’t worry about your “competition” or the big players in your field. Show up for your true fans, even if it’s just one person, and your audience will grow.

Fact: The majority of your future fans don’t even know about you yet! Your audience will get much bigger with time. (Read about how to build an audience from scratch.)

“What if what I say comes across as cliché? Many others have said it.”If the advice is trite, why isn’t everyone applying it yet?

Your audience will never tire of hearing advice that they know they need.

You will always have the opportunity to share content… as long as there are human beings who wish to improve themselves!

Give your perspective about how to live a better life (in the areas of your expertise.) It doesn’t matter if it’s been said before. Your audience needs to hear you say it too.

When possible, include the stories of your own experiences, or the stories of other people you have helped (with their permission.)

Your audience will always need to hear more examples of how to make progress along the path that you lead people on.

Your stories will inspire them to see that they, too, can find a better way.