Isn’t there already too much content online?

Should you add to the noise?

How can you stand out?

Think about this:
Every year, there are more books published than anyone can consume in several lifetimes… so should people stop writing books because there are “too many” of them?

Should people stop creating and sharing their art because there’s already so much?

Apply that answer to your own content:

Of course you shouldn’t stop creating and sharing.In fact, the solution to “too much content” isn’t to ask everyone to make less (because creators won’t listen anyway!)… but instead, to ask everyone to make more relevant content.

Essentially, that’s what social media platforms do — they only show the content that is relevant to audiences. The algorithms observe which pieces of content get great engagement quickly, and they show those to more people.

Even without social media algorithms, your normal human mind will filter out the irrelevant stuff (i.e. you’ll ignore it and move on).

For example, why are you still reading this? Because it’s relevant to you. Maybe it’s a question you’ve been wondering about, and you’re interested in my perspective on this.

In the same way, you can stand out online — and not add to the noise — but help provide a meaningful signal:
  1. When you create content that speaks to what your ideal audience is reflecting on, inquiring into, struggling with, curious about…
  2. And you provide your viewpoint on it.

The more you do this, the more your audience comes to enjoy your perspective, and to look forward to your content!

It’s helpful to understand the trend:
  • As technology becomes more widespread and easier to use, there will be increasingly more content creators.
  • And there will also be more content consumers every year. Example: even a mature platform like Facebook is still getting more consumption each year.
  • However, because of how easy it is to publish content, there’s more low-quality content than ever before. Most people don’t understand the practice of creativity, and will quickly give up on publishing content when they don’t get the kind of praise they think they should.

  • If we dedicate ourselves to the practice of creativity, we eventually become one of the few higher-quality content creators.
  • Our content rises above the noise, as people engage and share it.

Content is the easiest tool for word of mouth, e.g. it’s easier to share someone’s post, than to figure out how to share their services.

Every time you create another content piece, you’re putting online another tool for word of mouth of your message.

Would you rather they consume junk?

Even if you never publish another article or video, your audience is going to keep logging online and looking for content.

So would you rather that your audience sees content from others that are often shallow, or even negative in nature?

Or would you rather they occasionally see your content and be helped or inspired?

That is the choice you’re making: to create and add to the meaningful content in their lives, or to let their attention be taken up by so much noise out there.

Everyone benefits

By creating consistently, you are continually upleveling your knowledge and your ability to communicate.

You’re also getting more opportunity each time to engage with your audience, to care for them, to learn more about their needs, so that you can create even more relevant content.

That’s how you stand out: relevance and relationship. You can only develop those things by showing up consistently.