Announcing the Joyful Productivity Coaching Program

​This is hands-down my
favorite program to facilitate.  I’m inspired by the vision of helping solopreneurs be joyfully productive, organized, better at boundaries and self-care, and excellent at daily prioritizing their time and energy.  All of our businesses could thrive and our personal lives be far more balanced and joyful.

In this post, I’ll give an outline of what will be covered in the 2022 program. 
The abbreviation for this program is "TLC" -- which stands for “Thoughtful Life Calendar” or, as some participants have called it, implementing tender loving care for your boundaries and energy, as related to your purpose and plans.

Based on 12 years of coaching entrepreneurs and self-employed people, I've noticed that goals and plans are often ineffective due to lack of consistency.

Without a wise mastery of time, energy, and boundaries, all of the actions needed to grow a business will feel overwhelming.

You might be overscheduling, or have too big of a to-do list that's not effectively prioritized. 

The TLC22 program aims to help you become crystal clear and fully energized about your priorities each month, week, and day -- by showing you how to lovingly befriend and use your calendar and to-do list in a supportive and gently disciplined environment.

Your calendar and to-do list become your supportive assistants, rather than your boss.​

Through this 12-month program, you'll get to join half-hour group calls every week -- where I teach one small part of the Joyful Productivity methodology, engage with your questions, and facilitate breakout groups where you can discuss, with another member, how you'll implement that week's step.

Our year of guidance and practice together will include these skills… 

  1. Self-Talk for Joyful Productivity
  2. The practice of Gentle Ambition: setting goals while working without attachment
  3. Capture, Categorize, Calendar – to deal skillfully with things you want to do
  4. Dealing with Overwhelm – how to create a new instinct for relating skillfully to a deluge of ideas or things yet undone 
  5. The practice of creating and optimizing your ideal schedule – to create proper focus on your priorities, along with a balance of rest and play.
  6. How to overcome resistance and have your own “flow process” – so that you can take consistent action to grow
  7. The practice of optimizing your sleep – the single most important physical change to your overall energy at work
  8. The process for clearing your Email Inbox regularly – an amazing feeling!
  9. The DRY principle (“don’t repeat yourself”) and how to apply it for efficiency
  10. Why and how to organize your information by “deliverables”
  11. Decluttering your computer and workspace
  12. Working more lightly, so that you can sustain long-term growth – strict with showing up, lenient with the results, and gentle with refocusing
  13. My recommended amount of time for various key business areas, which you'll be able to modify based on your goals
  14. Finding your optimal way to overcome procrastination on a daily basis
  15. Your own start-of-work routine that supports each work hour
  16. Your end-of-workday ritual that helps you feel complete daily
  17. Efficiently clearing your to-do list each day
  18. Creating your own “energy reboot” to use frequently to get unstuck
  19. Preventing burnout and developing your sustainable stamina
  20. A simple way to solve any problem with calm clarity
  21. Understanding – and practicing – your ideal method for creating habits
  22. Setting Process Goals (versus typically only Results Goals) 
  23. Working with (and through) Creative Discomfort so that you create consistently
  24. Creating your “hat manuals” so you can work in a calm, clear way everyday
  25. Understanding your Big Rocks and therefore maintain better boundaries
  26. EADA (Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Appreciate) – how to get more done by doing less, yet enjoying more of what you do
  27. Every repeated task: each time get 1% better at it
  28. Reminder rituals to practice more frequent mindfulness at work
  29. Your optimal rhythm of daily rest, including naps if helpful
  30. The personal food choices & timing that support your joyful productivity
  31. The practice of Time Logging and how it sharpens your awareness
  32. How to use Zapier to automate various tasks (Part 1)
  33. How to use Zapier to automate various tasks (Part 2)
  34. How to use Zapier to automate various tasks (Part 3)
  35. The Path of Mastery – deliberate practice and tracking of habits

…plus additional topics as raised in the weekly Q&A call.

Even if you implemented just one third of the program – or even one-tenth! – your own TLC will be much better by year's end.

If you’re interested, get additional details (like the time of the calls and the current price of the program) here: George Kao’s TLC Coaching Program

The program begins in January. Any questions? Comment below or message me: Contact George Kao.