There is time for everything.

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​An ambitious client was giving herself pressure. She felt that the end of the year was closing in so quickly, and there was an important project she hadn’t yet launched. Maybe you can relate.

The thing is -- she has been working diligently much of the year, launching various things. The feeling of pressure and time-squeeze now was due to making plans that were simply too ambitious.

“Why not just do those projects next year? There will be time!” I suggested.
It was an “aha!” moment. She hadn’t been giving herself the permission to take things step by step, in a calm joyful way, even if it meant postponing important projects.

There will always be time. 

And you will always be taken care of. By some miraculous law of Life, you will always find a way… or, some unexpected help will be given to you, to find a way through.

You don’t have to push yourself into a frenzy to accomplish what your ego mind says must be squeezed in by a certain timeframe. There will always be time.

Maybe you set some goals for yourself to launch a program this month, or to post a video this week. 

Did you at least try? Good. 

What did you learn about your effort, and how you might do things more effectively next time? I believe this is more important than the actual project.

To me, the purpose of our efforts is not the results (although of course we aim for beneficial ones.) The real purpose, and, what’s lasts much longer, is the personal growth that happens through our efforts and reflections.

Remember that your goals are there to help you grow, not to stress you out. You’ll learn to set better goals as you make effort and learn how much time things really take you. Take it all in stride: you’re on an inevitable path towards greater wisdom and skill. There’s nothing you can do to screw it up. Just try, that’s all.

But there’s not enough time… 

The limitations of time are given to us as a gift: it trains us to prioritize projects and tasks. It trains us to reflect on our values. 

With limited time, you are required to choose what you’ll give energy to now, versus sometime in the future.

Your choice of actions in the moment is an indicator of your actual values. Notice any misalignment, and make adjustments to better connect your actions to your desired values. 

This is an ongoing personal development project for life.

What do you want to do? Plan it in.

What are all the projects you’d love to do? List them out. 

Then plan them into your calendar. 

It really can be that simple.

Over time, you’ll learn how long different kinds of projects take you. You’ll get wiser about your planning. Give yourself the permission to make plenty of mistakes, as many as you want. 

Remember that no matter what, you’ll be taken care of. 

Therefore, knowing that there will be plenty of time for everything important, the most important thing each moment is to show up, and bring Spirit to the task at hand. Try to do whatever is in front of you with calm, joyful focus, infusing your heart… and allowing the wisdom of Spirit to flow as it may.

There is never a need to work yourself into negative states of anxiety or frustration.

Yes, there will be some natural strain as you stretch beyond your comfort zone, but imagine yourself as an athlete training in a gym, finding joy in the normal cycle of temporary stress then relaxation that is inherent within every growth moment.

The most important thing is to show up and try.

There is time for everything. Plan it into the calendar, and then try to infuse this moment, the current task, with joy.

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