Sell Only to the Eager 10%

​We become inauthentic when we try to persuade people.

When you’re in the energy of trying to “get” someone to believe you and to buy your thing, it becomes too easy to say whatever you think the other person wants to hear. You lose your grounding and integrity.

Instead, what if you sell only to people who will quickly understand the value of what you’re selling?

When speaking to potential clients, only describe your services, in detail, to the interested.

When creating an email or webpage to describe your product, picture in your mind only those who would be eagerly on board… if only they knew about the product!

For social media posts, create only for the people who would be eager to follow your profile once they check it out.

Do this, and your marketing/selling will no longer have to feel like a necessary chore, but rather, it will feel like a joyful connection.

When I talk with clients who are worried about whether they’re persuasively describing their offer, or even whether they’re providing enough value, I remind them: “Your ideal clients would naturally be excited about what you offer, however you naturally describe it!”

It’s Your Own Ivy League Program

I was helping someone sell a premium coaching program. She felt nervous about how to convince others of the value. I said:

“If you were interested in going to Harvard University, would they need to convince you of the value of their program?”

Of course, Harvard would be many times more expensive than her program.

So if you have a premium offer, think of it like an Ivy League option for your ideal client.

The reason you’re charging a premium rate is that you believe it’s very much worth the price, for the right person. 

Therefore, if anything, they would have to convince you to let them in, not the other way around.

For your lower price offerings, there’s another way to think about it… 

It’s Your Black Friday Offering

People who love to shop love to see sales. The biggest of them all is Black Friday, the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday when retailers all around the country offer the best deals of the year.

This is how you can think about your own low-price offering. For the buyer who is really ideal for your product, finding your low-price offering (for example, your online course) is like finding a great Black Friday deal. 

It’s not that you have to discount it. Simply the fact that your offer is of great match to the ideal buyer means that they feel like they found an awesome deal. Your product fulfills a want that they’ve been thinking a lot about. 

For the ideal buyer, they would be happy to buy it at that price!

Sell To The Eager 10%

In conclusion, whenever you think about “selling” your product or service, think about selling to the 10% most eager people in your audience. 

Think only of them.

Write your marketing copy only for them.

Sell only to those who know the value. Remind them of it. Clarify anything that’s not obvious. They’ll be glad to see your offer. They are happy that it exists because it’s something they’ve been looking for.

Yes, you can be in your authentic self, joyfully sharing what you have thoughtfully put together. Your ideal clients are out there, and they are eagerly looking forward to discovering your offer!