Maybe you only need a One Page Website...

What if you only need a 1 page website?

When you’re still aiming to get your first 50 (or 100) clients, maybe all you need is a one-page website. Truly.

Most of your clients are going to come from word-of-mouth anyway. So why are you working so hard to build a fancy website that takes you more than a few hours to do?

Let me share with you an example of a one-page website that I just came across…

If by the time you’re reading this, she’s made it fancier, I’ve made a video showing you her one-page website and why I think it’s effective:

What I like about it:

  1. Beautiful image that represents how she wants her clients to feel.

  2. Simple tagline that reinforces that feeling.

  3. You can easily opt-in for her email newsletter.

  4. Simple icons that bring you to her active social media pages where you can get to know her (and her offerings) better.

  5. The fact that it’s so minimalist means that she’s saving herself the trouble of updating it and dealing with tech issues. The fancier your website, the easier it breaks!

What could be improved:

  1. She could say a bit more about what to expect when signing up for her newsletter. In my sign-up page, I give a link to previous newsletters: George Kao Email List Signup

  2. Smaller headline, which would make room for larger social icons, because that’s really where I would recommend people go, after her website -- to get a feel for her on social media. Like and trust is how a client relationship is formed.

  3. If she’s going to start writing or making videos regularly, she can simply add a 2nd page to her website: Blog, and post her newest (or only her best) content there. Simple way to start getting the search engines to notice her website -- via her fresh posts.

I hope this inspires you to make the start of your online presence (or the reboot of it?) easier and still be effective!

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