Announcing the 2019 MasterHeart Authentic Business Community

I love facilitating my client community. We start in January each year and grow together throughout the 12 months, forming new friendships, referral partnerships, and accountability buddies.

Via regular group calls and occasional 1-1 meetings with me, each client receives my personalized guidance for them as they build their authentic business, in addition to enjoying the resources and camaraderie of the group. 

The community is called MasterHeart, and the application for the 2019 group is officially open as of today.
Amazingly, even before I publish this post, the 2019 group is already filled. The first to get invited were, of course, the current members. Most of them happily committed to the 2019 group as well. Then, some of you (not yet members) had surfed my website enough to find the MasterHeart Authentic Business Community page -- and applied there -- even before I announced it… those who are a great fit have been accepted on a rolling basis.

So now, the waiting list has begun.

You are welcome to email me about joining the waiting list, if you’d like. In your short message, please include the links to your website and Facebook Page.  (Contact George Kao

If you would love to join a similar business community sooner, I encourage you to check out the following links below. These are my current clients who also offer business support groups.​

In alphabetical order:
Besides joining MasterHeart, there are 2 other ways to work with me:
  • 1-1 private business coaching which is $200 per month for one 50-minute session each month, some email support in between sessions, and 1 complimentary online course per month.
  • My online business courses that take you step by step through my entire business philosophy and strategies. Each time you purchase a course you also get access to a monthly Q&A webinar.  

Whether or not you work with me, I want to sincerely wish you the best in your journey of finding the support and community that will help you joyfully persevere as you build your authentic business!