Launch it, even when you don't feel ready. Because you'll never feel "ready"...


​Do you feel like you're always preparing to launch... to finally one day get your content together... to finally do some important project?

Truth be told, I've never felt quite ready to make my videos. I didn't feel fully prepared to launch my business, or any of my marketing campaigns.

Everything's always been a "draft"... But I share it anyway, knowing that there is always room for improvement. I will always have another opportunity to improve it.

Sure, some people will scare me with ~ "FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING" ~ but if I waited until my first impression was as good as I want it to be, I'd never launch my business, I'd never make a video, I'd never write!

My experience has confirmed this: the videos that tend to do well, are the ones I casually made. The articles that tend to be shared, are the ones I casually wrote. Not that I never edited those... but I didn't put as much careful thought into "how can I make this piece smarter?"

Yet, the videos or articles that I painstakingly created, were often the ones that were LEAST liked and shared... 
There's no perfect correlation -- I'm not saying that all painstakingly-produced content won't do well -- but what I am saying is that we usually won't know.

All we are called to do is to simply share what we believe is important to say, that might be useful to others, and then let our audience decide. 

Don't let our content sharing, or the launch, or whateve action, be dependent on the supposed fruits of our efforts. We simply move on to sharing the next thing we believe is important.


Take action even if conditions are imperfect... for they will never be perfect.

Do the work, even if you feel suboptimal, for you'll rarely feel at your very best, and yet you'll feel better after you do the work.

Launch the project, even if you don’t feel ready. Just casually launch it, because you can always re-launch a better version after you get market feedback. 

Make progress even if you cannot make something great... or even something good.

None of my videos were made in perfect conditions, or when I felt at my very best, or when I had a perfect script (in fact, I never have a script.) I made the videos because I have a commitment to iteration, and a particular due date I set for myself. I know without a commitment or due date, I will keep procrastinating, so I manage myself with a specific rhythm of MWF videos. Not that I'm always perfect with that rhythm, but I just keep trying.

Take action, and you'll grow in capability to make conditions better for yourself and others. 

Learn in the real world, not just by consuming knowledge. Knowledge, gained through action, is the best kind.

You don't need another certification, another training, another book, before you're ready.

Because there is no failure. There's only true learning through action.

Develop an urgency for action, a bias for action, no matter how unprepared you feel.

Remember this: Your soul is secure, your destiny is perfect wisdom and love. So what are you afraid of? Go for it. Just publish, share, launch, and help others.


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