Layer a higher meaning into each moment of work...

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What's stopping you from making more progress in your business?

It is probably not “more” knowledge, training, or ideas. The greatest obstacle I've seen in people is fear...

​Fear of making a mistake.

Fear of looking bad to others (or to yourself.)
Fear of rejection.
Fear of discouragement.
Fear of tedious work.

​There's a mistaken perspective that causes your fear:

You think that the result matters a lot.
You think that the moment is about the project you’re working on.
You are afraid of not having this project be easier, or not getting the hoped-for result.

The mistake is that you've temporarily forgotten that there's a higher/deeper meaning to every single moment of work.

The truest meaning of this moment is not whether you get the results, or whether you’ll look good, or have it easy.

What's the deeper meaning? It depends on your life philosophy...

What's your answer to this question:

"What is the deeper/higher meaning of each moment, that is much more important than what's apparent on the surface?"

Allow me to share with you 3 life philosophies -- theistic, non-theistic, and atheistic -- perhaps you will resonate with one of them:

1. GOD -- Imagine the most loving and wise parent in the world. God is unconditionally loving, omnisciently wise, and has called us children. God wants us to experience the deepest joy in every moment... the truest, most ecstatic joy and love... even when working on "hard" or "tedious" or "scary" work. Because no matter what, you are unconditionally loved. You are completely protected in spirit. The fact is that you will get to Heaven one day, and truthfully there is no possibility of you screwing that up! Sure, you may take a winding road, but the full force of God is available to you in every moment of your journey. No matter what the task, there is always the possibility of experiencing a deeper joy, a higher peace, an all-pervasive love, that will change everything. Every day, be willing to keep re-connecting, to stay open, and experience a little (or a lot!) of God, the source of the deepest joy, peace, and love.

2. Soul Evolution -- The reality of life is that we are here in this Earth School to evolve our consciousness or soul. The stuff we do, the tasks on our to-do list, no matter how “important” or “urgent”, actually matters far less than the opportunity each moment offers for our soul’s growth. Our calling is to stay open and willing in every waking minute, to notice what that soul growth opportunity is in that very moment. There is tremendous hope for you, and every other soul, because we are on an inevitable path toward greater wisdom, love, and creativity. We can't screw it up. Just stay open and willing, no matter the task in front of you. Your evolution and growth toward Goodness is inevitable.

3. YOLO -- You Only Live Once. Who knows what happens afterwards? And within this life, results are never guaranteed, no matter how hard or smart you work. So you might as well enjoy the journey, right? What's the point of suffering through tasks, or being afraid of them? You may get a great result on a given day, yet on another day the very same action might create a bad result! The more you live, the more you realize that there are many factors outside your control. Change happens so fast in technology, society, the market, and even in your own biology, to accurately predict the results you’ll be getting. So just relax, ok? What you can reliably do is choose to keep returning every moment to a mindful calm and joy. Think about it: nothing truly matters in life, that you actually know, other than your personal experience in each moment. Sure, you’ll want to keep doing tasks that increase the probability of reaching future "goals"... but along the way, why not practice a mindful happiness? That is the true secret. Interestingly, the happy way of doing everything makes it even more likely you'll reach success.


Whichever viewpoint you adopt, the core message is unanimous -- the higher meaning of each moment is joy.

It’s not the email newsletter you have to write; it’s not this blog post that I have to make perfect; it’s not the online course you have to perfect; it’s not the scary presentation that’s coming up.

The meaning that can be experienced in any task, in any moment, is the calm (or ecstatic!) joy and peace that is available.

Because it's such a supreme experience, the purpose of each moment is to first and foremost bring that higher state of being into your awareness.

I encourage you to copy one of the 3 paragraphs above resonates with you -- or write your own.

And then, revisit it everyday. Do it before you start work, so that you can keep practicing the layering of a higher/deeper meaning into each day, into each moment, of your work.

And keep revising your paragraph over time. Keep it fresh. Try different ways of rephrasing your Truth. Describe it in a way that helps you to reconnect to the greatest meaning of this moment, of every conscious moment.


The highest context I see for every piece of “hard” work I'm faced with, is to practice reconnecting with my Divine source and therefore, bringing gratitude, trust, and joy into this moment. 

I frequently do my energy reboot to replace any negativity in my workday with positivity. I touch my heart, and I smile :)

Additionally, I practice seeing what Love there can be in the task, perhaps it is the intention to serve my audience (you!) more effectively, or to help my clients more lovingly, or to plan my business so it can sustain itself in its mission to serve the greater whole.


The bottom line:

Layer your “highest work” -- bringing that higher meaning -- onto everything you do. It's not really about the project, it’s about the higher meaning of the moment.

Any task, any moment, can therefore be mindfully enjoyed.