Examples of Mini-Courses (July)

​One of the best products to create — especially in these times — is online courses. (You’ll notice that many of the successful solopreneurs sell online courses!)

If you love to learn, then you have something to teach.

I facilitate a support group for creating/launching online courses, and many of the members are launching their first courses.

​Check out the following examples. These are being launched by my members right now. May these inspire you to create your own!
Mini-Courses for July 2020

Creating Personal Boundaries That Work for You
In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals for building healthy boundaries; gain effective tools to set and honor your boundaries without fear, guilt, or anxiety; and practice techniques to confidently deal with any violation of your boundaries. 
— Ida Regena Butler
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Writing Your Legacy Letter
Leaving a legacy is an important part of your end-of-life planning, as important as your will and Advanced Directive. This 75-minute online session will guide you toward completing your legacy letter. Give this gift to a loved one. 
— Michael Williams, Ph.D.
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The Human Factor: How to Tell Stories that Create Client Connection
Do you want to be able to tell authentic, hustle-free stories that reflect the values of your business & create real engagement between you and your audience? This 90-Minute live storytelling skills workshop will show you how! 
— Carmel Finnan
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Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaos
Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed because of the current world situation? Would you like to know how to keep your mental health & inner peace regardless of what’s going on around you? Join me to (1) Understand what Peace is and (2) Learn techniques to support you during hard times. 
— Gema Ramírez
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Empower Your Life with Gentleness Mini-Course
I believe that Gentleness is a strength, and it is becoming much more relevant with so many harsh and painful events happening worldwide. Through this mini-course, you will find simple ways to release more Harshness, and to practise more Gentleness to empower your life. 
— Bingz Huang
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Find Calm in the Chaos and Stay Cool Under Pressure
Need DeStress tools right now? This four part course is here to support you. In about two hours with guided strategies you will shift your energy, illuminate and update old programming and find more calm. 
— Deanne Carter
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Connecting Conversations in Intimate Relationships
A 2-hour webinar to explore how we connect and disconnect in our closest relationships. We will take a look at the backbone of a conversation that flows with honesty, understanding and connection. Based in Nonviolent Communication. 
— Nati Beltran
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Horse Riders: How to Manage Your Mindset & Emotions While Riding
This is a program for riders who’d like to feel less anxious riding, and be able to calm themselves and their horse! You’ll learn to balance your emotions, to let go of the energy that’s driving them and to build a connection with your horse. 
— Jenny Pim
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Your turn? :)

As you can see above, a variety of topics. And when you go to the links above, you’ll see that people are using different tech platforms to launch their course.

The key is to keep it simple and doable, and to learn by launching!I hope these examples will inspire you to create your own online course.

If you would prefer to do this with my guidance and an encouraging community of support (we help you figure out your course topics and answer any questions about tech and marketing!) consider joining us:
Support group to help you create and launch your online courses.