Transforming the desperation energy in your marketing into authentic confidence

​What’s more important than trying to get more clients?

  • Getting great clients who love your work
  • Maintaining your sense of integrity

…yet neither are accomplished when you use marketing strategies that feel “off” to you.

Although some people will buy when we resort to hype and manipulation, it has consequences: Our integrity is put into doubt — in our buyer’s mind, and in our own.
The best clients will be pushed away.

This is marketing from desperation energy.

Unfortunately, even some “successful” businesses are built in this way. Yet later, they inevitably have to turn around and dismantle their “success” and un-learn a lot, and may feel like years have been lost.

This was what happened to me.

In my first 5 years in business, I learned and practiced the conventional strategies of internet marketing. Yes I made money, but I also burned out, and wasted years not growing a real and sustainable audience.

If I had a little more patience, I could have built an authentic business that would’ve been even better today.

Yet I had to dismantle what I built and start over.

By being willing to work with deep joy and integrity, you will build authentic confidence and eventually get results that you are proud of… instead of falling into desperation energy and hacking a shallow success that is built on a house of cards.

Practice being aware of your internal state as you work — where is it along the spectrum of joy or desperation? You can always consciously choose. In fact, the choice is made many moments in a day.

May you always choose integrity, self-respect, and spiritual alignment.

Still, how do we build a successful business while aligned with our values?

How To Have A Great Business

As someone who has had more than a thousand paying students and clients, I can confidently say this:

Your business will shine when you have great clients.

On the other hand, misaligned clients will make you feel like you aren’t skillful, that you aren’t making a difference, that maybe you’re just taking money without offering adequate value in return.

When we market from a desperation energy, we attract misaligned clients… if we get any clients at all!

“Great” clients are naturally attracted to you when you do your marketing from integrity and genuine confidence. If they sense desperation, great clients generally go elsewhere.

Protect Your Life Energy

Are you dissipating your energy in desperately trying to pay your bills… or if you’ve already done that, trying to achieve some greater number that makes you feel successful?

(For more, read this post: Authentic Creativity & Money Making.)

Or are you wisely spending your life energy in building a genuine audience through the patient practice of authentic business?

By not requiring your business to produce miracles, it is more likely to. Let your business grow at its own best pace, which is connected to your personal growth and integrity.

The Importance of Being Choosy

Do you randomly invest your money in whatever opportunity comes along?

Of course, you are choosy with where your money goes. What’s more important than your money is your energy and time. Be very choosy about which clients you allow your energy to go to.

When you’re first starting out, and you have lots of time for clients, you might not know how to choose. It’s ok to try accepting different kinds of clients. Over time, you’ll learn about which kinds of people you work best with.

You’ll also become aware of the red flags you can sense early on that points to someone not being your ideal client.

Think of yourself as forming a transformational partnership with your clients.

You’re investing your limited time and energy to help someone truly improve their life, to help them make a positive impact in their world.

So be choosy.

Be curious about who among your audience will really understand the unique opportunity of being in a transformational partnership with you.

Everyday, return to your Source of authentic joy and confidence. I hope you’ll remember that everything is actually, deeply perfect… and that your inevitable destiny is total understanding, creativity, love, and authentic power.

From that energetic position, (1) Create authentic content consistently and (2) occasionally announce your services, not with a promotional/salesy energy, but from a spirit of authentic confidence.

Let those who understand, step forward.

6 years ago, after my breakdown and breakthrough, I began doing exactly this: consistently distributing my authentic content, with occasional announcements.

Within 1 year I had a full client load again, and within 2 years I noticed that I no longer had to announce my 1–1 openings anymore, because I now had a waiting list.

With authentic marketing, you will get to the place where all you need to do is to whisper your offerings, and your genuine audience will step forward.