Simple Authentic Moneymaking

A 3-Week Experience

With George Kao + a Community of Kindred Spirits

You love to learn. 

You're brilliant, and your heart's in the right place.

I truly believe that.

I have also noticed that many of you are complicating (by a lot!) the simple action of making more money.

Is it possible to ignite your moneymaking instincts (from an authentic place) in a 3-week experience? 

I'm betting – with my time & effort – that it is.

Pay nothing up front for this course.

Participate and really take action – with the support of a community of other kindred spirits. 

If afterwards you feel that the experience was worthwhile, then you can:

  • Pay $150 if it was deeply & immediately worthwhile for you

  • Pay $90 if you enjoyed it and definitely see the near-term potential for you

  • Pay $30 if it was interesting and maybe worthwhile

  • Pay $0 if you didn’t like the experience at all

(By paying any of the above amounts, you'll get lifetime access to the recordings & discussions. Otherwise, your 3-week access will automatically expire, with no payment obligation at all.)

During our 3 weeks together:

  • I’ll inspire you with simple, powerful ideas re: how to make (more) money through authentic and heartfelt action.

  • We’ll discuss as a community about the simple ways of making money based on our existing abilities and networks.

  • You’ll buddy up with others in this course if you’d like – fellow soul-based service providers – to take simple, authentic action :)

Who is this for?

Those who have already taken BizPlan and/or Authentic Outreach will more likely be able to make good use of this new course.

Haven't taken any of those? You're still welcome to join this course if you have watched some of my videos (George Kao Videos) and resonate a lot with the style and message 🙏🏼

Get instant access:

The complete course videos and discussions are accessible to you as soon as you register using the button above. You'll get 3 weeks of access with no payment.

For live interaction with George and community, you can attend the Q&A calls if you've recently purchased any course from George.

To get lifetime access to this course right away, you can pay for it anytime here, and if you pay at the $135+ level, you'll also get access to 2 months of Q&A calls.


About George Kao:

George Kao is a passionate educator teaching authentic business and marketing since 2009, emphasizing honest relationships and acts of service in marketing. Specializing in social media engagement and authentic online reputation building, George helps clients grow their audience, stabilize their income, and structure their work life for deeper joy and freedom. Driven by values such as generosity, warm-heartedness, and authenticity, he empowers coaches, healers, and teachers to market genuinely and operate their businesses with joyful productivity. In a world of noisy marketing, George Kao stands out as a beacon of genuine connection and true value.