Revolutionize Your Creativity:
Using A.I. Tools To Grow
Your Authentic Business

Course + Community of Ethical AI Practice
Facilitated by George Kao

In this course, I will show you how to effectively use the most significant tools I’ve come across for creativity and productivity since I first started using the internet – AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney.

You’ll learn step by step, along with practice exercises, within a community of practitioners, to actually grow your skills in using these tools to authentically help you communicate your message.

We will certainly be discussing how to keep your own voice and ensure authenticity in any AI-generated content you produce.

These are the most significant tools since the internet began. Instead of having to pull ideas out from a list of web search results, you simply interact conversationally and get just what you are looking for, and continue the conversation to hone and enhance the result.

It knows the mainstream wisdom on every topic, from philosophy to leadership, to health and spiritual growth, to trauma and grief, to relationships and family dynamics, to coaching and consulting, to marketing and business. 

Because it can comprehensively summarize mainstream information, this also means you can position your content to be truly unique. It makes it easier for you to understand how to create content and offerings that will stand above the mainstream.

I’ve designed this course for solopreneurs who deeply value authenticity, and want to build their businesses in a heartfelt way.

These AI tools save us time and energy that we can then pour into creating more beautiful experiences of human connection and transformation.

You’ve heard about ChatGPT and how it’s changing the way people work and create.

You may also have heard about DALL-E, Midjourney, or Adobe Firefly, which are AI art tools that easily allow you to create stunning images like this:

colorful joyful productivity ai toolsWithout any design skills, this is something I “created” – within 5 minutes – via MidJourney, one of the tools you'll learn to use, step by step, in this course.

This is the course – and private community – where I’ll be facilitating our collective learning and practice using these powerful tools.

Most importantly, we’ll do it all from the ethic of authentic business: to practice creating from our soul’s unique expression, with joyful productivity. 

By the end of this course, you’ll likely be more skillful in using these tools than most other solopreneurs. It’ll help you to be more efficient and effective in your marketing, client services, planning and problem-solving.

What you’ll be able to do more quickly (and with more fun!) by the end of this course… 

  1. Generate ideas for all website content (including your sales pages), even if you only have a few words to start with.
  2. Understand current trends and generate new and unique content to stand out and help your industry move forward.
  3. Create interesting social media posts – text posts, graphics, quick videos – on any topic you’d like to stand out for.
  4. Generate interesting titles and subject lines for your email newsletters, videos, etc., that people will be more likely to click on.
  5. Automatically transcribe your podcast episodes or videos – and turn them into written blog posts that keep your voice and style (and which you can then lightly edit and publish) to reach a wider audience.
  6. Come up with innovative ways to package your current skills and joys, thereby differentiating yourself in your industry with unique offers.
  7. Brainstorm various intriguing ways to describe your work, e.g. your professional title, your introduction, your bio… without using clichés.
  8. Brainstorm (and prioritize) marketing ideas specific to your service/product.
  9. Formulate new exercises and client processes (based on their personality type) to help them heal, transform, and grow.
  10. Have an interactive, private tutor to help you learn any topic, available 24/7. (For example, this is how I’m now learning Spanish!)
  11. Generate ideas instantly for any problem you’d like to solve or think through. (How did you think I came up with this list?)
  12. Come up with creative ideas for your netcaring and collaborations with colleagues.
  13. …and much, much more 😄👏 

We’ll also discuss the not-so-obvious Do’s and Don’ts of interacting with these AI tools.


Bonus Live Q&A Calls:

By enrolling in the course, you also get access to 2 months of George's Q&A calls:

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The following story was generated by ChatGPT (with a bit of light editing from me) about what's possible with this course…

Cynthia was excited to learn about the AI tools course offered by George. As a solopreneur, she had always struggled with creating content that truly resonated with her audience. She was eager to use technology to streamline her work and to see what AI tools could offer her.

As she worked through the course, Cynthia was pleasantly surprised by how much she was able to learn and how much more efficient she became in her content creation. But what truly made the difference for her was the community of practitioners she found within the course.

Working alongside other solopreneurs who were also learning to use these powerful AI tools was an awesome experience. Cynthia was able to bounce ideas off of others and see how they were using these tools to enhance their own businesses. The community helped her to gain insights on how to work with these tools – useful ideas she wouldn’t have thought of on her own.

Through the collective learning, Cynthia was able to grow her skills in using the AI tools even further. She found herself becoming more creative, more efficient, and more effective in her marketing, client services, planning, and problem-solving. And she loved the fact that she was doing it all from a place of authenticity and heartfelt intention.

The course on using AI tools in business truly changed Cynthia's life. Not only did it give her the tools she needed to take her business to the next level, but it also gave her a supportive practitioner community to learn and grow alongside. She emerged from the course feeling more confident, more skilled, and more joyful in her work than ever before.

The efficiency of these tools gave her more time for her side passions and other fun activities!

I hope that was inspiring 😄  

That’s the aim of this course: to help you work efficiently and authentically with these new and powerful tools. They can truly free up more of our creative and relational time. I hope you’ll join me and your fellow creatives in a safe and collaborative learning experience.

Revolutionize Your Creativity Using A.I. Tools To Grow Your Authentic Business