Soul Gym:
Spiritual Fitness
for Creators & Coaches

During 2012-2015, I went through a series of spiritual breakthroughs. This gave me a much stronger sense of internal security. It grew more palpable with each day. As a result, I completely changed how I did business.

Before this – without knowing – I was operating my business from a psychological foundation of deep insecurity. (It makes me wonder if that’s the case for many business owners.) 

As a result of the spiritual shift, authenticity became a driving force in my life. This new foundation of daily spiritual practice gave me the courage to create consistently. No matter if I felt inspired or creative, I became able to create flow on demand. Naturally, my audience and business grew, and became more stably successful.

Consistently focusing on our spirituality (or personal growth) makes life deeply meaningful and gives uncommon courage for one's work. It also tends to help develop the rare discipline needed to achieve authentic success. 

Therefore, this program – Soul Gym – may be the most important that I’ve ever offered, because it is designed to give members long-lasting deep growth that will uplift both their personal and professional lives.

Inner Growth:

The way we consciously grow along our path of personal development is not just by taking courses or consuming content. 

Instead, we truly grow through real-life application of insight and continual practice.

We learn, we apply, we practice, we grow.

Outer Growth:

The way we grow our positive impact (and our audience) is by continually sharing unique and valuable content online.

Soul Gym integrates these two areas of growth.

Inside our community, you’ll be offered the structure and loving accountability to create a meaningful piece of content every week that is grounded in your recent personal development. 

You’ll be observing and reflecting on your being and actions each week, then sharing your lessons with our community. If you’d like, you can also post your insights publicly on social media, to grow and encourage your own community of readers.

If you wish to, you can also tap into the group’s accountability and structure to report regularly on your chosen spiritual practices.

Unlike other spiritual training communities, Soul Gym is not about following one guru or one path. Instead, we aim in our community for each of us to become our own spiritual personal trainer, and to strengthen our daily willpower for true growth as it aligns with each person’s source of Truth.

You’re encouraged to choose the sources of the insights you apply, including from your own life. You choose the spiritual practices you commit to. You’ll be gaining (and sharing) deep insights from your own experiences. You’ll also likely gain much inspiration and useful ideas from your fellow creators in the community.

Who this is for:

  • Life coaches
  • Personal Growth creators, writers and speakers
  • Those who naturally teach and counsel and would love to connect meaningfully with kindred spirits around personal and spiritual development
  • NOTE – Soul Gym is usually by invitation, although even without one, you are welcome to apply if you believe you’re a great fit for the program.

What you’ll be doing in this program:

  • Creating authentic and unique content that is grounded in your own experiences, one piece per week. It can be an article, video, or podcast episode. The creating of content can help you work through specific areas of change, challenge, and celebration that are important to your growth. You own the content you create, of course. It can be for your personal or professional use.
  • Committing to daily spiritual practice from your chosen lineage, or a path you’ve carved out for yourself.
  • Connecting with fellow spiritual creators for mutual upliftment and professional collaborations.
  • Asking deep questions that matter to you, and offering your insights to others’ questions.
  • For those interested, I will be running a book club on my book Soul Gym. As a member, you are also welcome to form your own club about any personal development / spiritual book, and post an invitation to our members.

Simple Specifics:

  • Private Course Platform where you’ll share with us your meaningful content each week (which you might also share publicly, if you wish) – and to connect with other creators who are dedicated to inner & outer growth.
  • Weekly voting where you get to select the pieces that most inspired you, and the top 3 pieces will be emailed to all Soul Gym members in the weekly email.
  • If you’d like, you’ll also use the course platform to check in on your daily spiritual practices – you can check in daily or weekly.
  • Monthly opportunity to connect in Zoom breakout groups for open-hearted sharing. (These may lead to further connection or collaboration.) Or you can choose to only connect asynchronously in our private course platform.
  • Bonus Course: Authentic Business Perspectives (some of George Kao’s best Q&A segments on various aspects of business building).


  • Monthly Zoom Call (1 hour) for sharing of insights that include optional breakout groups for connection (not recorded) –
    • Americas Daytime / Europe – 1st Saturdays 1 @ 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm BST.
    • Americas Evening / Australia / Asia – 3rd Sundays Monthly @ 7am Singapore / 9am Sydney – this is 3rd Saturdays @ 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern).
  • Much of the ongoing activity in Soul Gym is in our private platform where members share their content, support one another, and create member-initiated meetings to connect further and encourage each other's journeys.


  • $60 USD month-to-month (great for trying out the program/community!)
  • $120 if you can commit for 3 months (equals $40/month)
  • Additional rebate of 25% available: join the affil program.
  • Free for current members of TLC or MasterHeart

Life is a Soul Gym.

Apply to join us here.

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