The Soul Gym:
Authentic Content Creation
for Coaches, Healers, and Mentors

The cornerstone of a thriving, authentic business -- one that expresses your soul's calling -- is the consistency of your creativity.

The more consistent you are at creating authentic content...

  • .. the more people discover you 🌏

  • ... the more you find your authentic voice and style by experimenting with different types and topics of content ✍🏽 🎥 🎙 🎨

  • ... the more soul-aligned audience members (those who resonate with your energy signature) will be naturally drawn to working with you 🥰

  • ... the clearer it becomes what offerings you should create, based on audience response to your content 🙌🏽

The Soul Gym is both a community and a program to help keep creators consistently creating by gently providing accountability, training about content creation, and a private space to get feedback about one's content.

And, to be inspired by others who are on a similar path to express their soul's calling.


Who this is for:

  • Personal Growth creators, writers, and speakers.

  • Those who work as Coaches, Healers, Mentors, Consultants.

  • Those who teach and counsel, and would love to connect meaningfully with kindred spirits around authentic content.

  • Those who would enjoy learning from George Kao about consistent creativity and joyful productivity.


What you’ll be doing in this program:

  • Cultivate your skills of content creation and joyful productivity by studying the two courses that are included in Soul Gym -- Authentic Content Flow and Joyful Productivity. You also get bonus Q&A videos about many aspects of authentic marketing.

  • Create authentic content that is grounded in your own experiences. It can be an article (text post on social media, blog post, or carousel post), video (of any length), or podcast episode (of any length). The creation of content can help you work through specific areas of change, challenge, and celebration that are important to your business & personal growth. You own the content you create. It can be for your personal or professional use. Since it’s your own content, you can post it anywhere you like, in addition to posting it in Soul Gym.

  • Connect with fellow authentic creators for mutual upliftment and potential collaborations via our member-only calls facilitated by George Kao, our small group circle calls facilitated by Soul Gym Helpers, and share your content with members through our private online forum.

Basically, if you have struggled with creating authentic content consistently – or would love a community to support a rhythm of consistent creativity – then Soul Gym might be great for you.


What you get in the program:

  • 3 Live Group Calls with George Kao each month. On each call George answers your questions about Content Creation & Joyful Productivity, and then facilitates a highly effective co-creation time where each member will work on their own content creation... often ending the session with one or more pieces ready to post! (See the call times further down on this page.)

  • Monthly Challenge to help you focus and grow in a specific area of content creation. On the group calls, George focuses the teaching and Q&A on the month's theme, and then we'll quietly create based on the theme. Whether beginner or advanced in content creation, you'll likely benefit from the themes for the year:
    • Understand Authentic Content Strategy + Clarity on Your Own Motivation for Creating
    • Stage 1 Content – Creating Lightly / Befriending Creative Discomfort
    • Working with the Best Content Prompts Part 1
    • Working with the Best Content Prompts Part 2
    • Optimize Your Process for Creating Content
    • Posting/Distributing Your Content More Effectively
    • Tracking Your Content (so you can know what to take to Stage 2)
    • Stage 2 Content – Lightly Repurposing & Further Distributing
    • Your Process for Refining and Improving Your Content
    • Learning to create better content through Feedback
    • Revisiting (and Improving) Your Content Distribution
    • Reviewing Your Year’s Progress (and we of course celebrate every month as well)

  • Authentic Content Flow (online course by George Kao) -- via bite-sized segments, approximately 10-20 minutes per week. The entire course is approximately 12 hours. It offers a comprehensive and inspirational process for skillfully creating, tracking, and repurposing your authentic content so that you can grow a true audience over time. (“Repurposing” is the act of creating multiple formats from a single piece of content.)

  • The Joyful Productivity Course – 15 hours of the best training about productivity by George Kao.

  • Private Forum to share with us your authentic content each week – and connect with other creators who are dedicated to personal & professional growth.

  • Small group circle calls that are facilitated by Soul Gym Helpers (fellow experienced program members) where you can get feedback about your content. These calls happen multiple times per month, and are at different times to suit members from around the world.

  • Access to George Kao's Monthly Q&A ongoingly, where you can ask about anything related to creativity, marketing, business, technology, and productivity.

  • Discounted rates for other George Kao live courses.

  • For those interested, you'll also gain complimentary access to the Ai Tools for Solopreneurs course.

  • Many bonus videos about various aspects of authentic marketing and business building.


When are the calls?

  • 3 calls per month only for Soul Gym members:

    • EU-friendly time zone:  One hour every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month at 8am US Pacific  / 11am US Eastern / 4pm GMT/BST

    • AU-friendly time zone: 90 minutes on the 1st Tuesday each month at 4:30pm US Pacific / 7:30pm US Eastern... which is usually 1st Wednesdays Sydney Time at 9:30, 10:30, or 11:30 depending on the time of the year.

  • Monthly Q&A with George Kao on various topics of marketing and productivity. Click the link for times.

  • Soul Gym Circle Calls are small group calls where you can get feedback about your writing or videos from peers in the Soul Gym community. These calls are sprinkled throughout the week to allow people of varying schedules to attend.



  • $75 USD month-to-month (great for trying out the program/community!) -- each month you'll also get access to a few more segments of the Joyful Productivity and Authentic Content Flow courses.

  • $750 if you can commit for a year (approx $63/month) -- and you get instant access to all segments of the Joyful Productivity and Authentic Content Flow courses.

Members have said:

"Soul Gym has been a game-changer in my content creation journey. It has helped me practice and commit to creating and exploring in a gentle and sustainable way. I have been a lot more consistent and I feel a lot more confident sharing my thoughts. I've also met some
amazing people in the program!"
--Anastasia Salichou, Greece

"Soul Gym has helped me to finally make the kind of content my heart has been wishing for for YEARS. I have been playing it safe sharing how to's and Soul Gym propelled me into more spiritual growth style content which is delighting my audience and keeping me really excited about a weekly video."
--Natasha Berta, Australia

"Thanks to the Soul Gym structure and community, I haven't missed writing an article each week from the start and this rhythm of creativity has noticeably increased my flow of insights. George attracts beautiful participants and it really helps knowing that your content will be first received with empathy and intelligence. There is a kind of updraft from creating collaboratively, alongside George and his community so I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to increase their capacity and joy when creating content." 
--Dorota Godby, UK

"Soul Gym has take me from not writing at all to writing (sometimes more than) weekly. The structure and support I received from meeting weekly with my lovely and awesome Soul Gym buddy was exactly what I needed to get on track and stay there. It’s amazing what just the right support will do. Soul Gym was a perfect place to be in community while I enjoyed creating new content."
--Ericka O’Cain, USA

"With Soul Gym, I find it easier to share authentic content that arises more from heartfelt gratitude and curious exploration, instead of trying too hard to be wise or impressive. And it's beautiful to find content of similar vibe from other members of Soul Gym, too. This feels so much more sustainable to maintain."
--Bingz Huang, Singapore

"What I think people should know is that Soul Gym would be the place to commit to one's content creation practice, as you'll be with others who are doing the same thing, and the power of a group is uplifting. It's a good place to build the foundation of the body of your work, or simply continue adding dimension and layers to any authentic content creation practice you already have."
--Heather Tobin, Canada

"Soul Gym has given me the gentle invitation to create and publish more soulful content and to feel less 'concerned' about the reaction to it. I've received such heartfelt responses from the supportive community that I look forward to reading other's content each week as much as writing my own."
--Elaine Harding, USA

"Soul Gym combines a beautiful community that provides support and encouragement for us to bare our soul and be willing to explore by creating authentic content. It is a safe environment to privately share, if we are not yet brave enough to share publicly, and when we are ready for the next step, the community is there to support us on our journey. George provides the right mix of connection and inspiration for us to create consistency and authenticity with our work, and the encouragement to get our message out into the world."
--Tamsin Young, Australia