Take Consistent Steps to Success:
Joyful Productivity
For Solopreneurs
The "TLC" Group Coaching Program
​With George Kao
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George Kao

“George Kao's TLC program has been very helpful to help me optimize my ideal schedule… and actually putting it into practice.”

Professional Development Coach

Based on 12 years of coaching entrepreneurs and self-employed people, I've noticed that goals and plans are often ineffective due to lack of consistency.

Without a wise mastery of timeenergy, and boundaries, all of the actions needed to grow a business will feel overwhelming.

You might be overscheduling, or have too big of a to-do list that's not effectively prioritized. 

What if instead there was clarity and ease with scheduling your time, a way to work with your priorities in a way that inspires you and gives you energy? What if scheduling and making a to-do list could be energizing, rather than overwhelming?

Enter "TLC" -- the Thoughtful Life Calendar coaching program, or as some participants have called it, implementing a tender loving care for your boundaries and energy, as related to your purpose and plans.

The program aims to help you become crystal clear and fully energized about your priorities each monthweek, and day -- by showing you how to lovingly befriend and use your calendar and to-do list in a supportive and gently disciplined environment.

Your calendar and to-do list become your supportive assistants, rather than your boss. A calendar aligned with your values, style, and goals will provide an amazing structure, system, and discipline to grow your business to the level that your potential allows.

By completing the program you'll gain:

  1. Greater daily awareness of where your time and energy are actually going.

  2. Greater choice and strength in setting healthy boundaries with others and with yourself.

  3. A renewed, more friendly & empowered relationship with your to-do list, and organization of information.

  4. A more thoughtful life calendar that matches your energy and goals and sustainably supports your business plan. 

  5. You’ll feel more confident and make faster progress because you’ll have changed how you work daily.

What Skills Will We Learn & Practice?

  1. ​​The practice of creating and optimizing your ideal schedule – to create proper focus on your priorities, along with a balance of rest and play

  2. How to overcome resistance and have your own flow process – so that you can take consistent action to grow

  3. Setting Process Goals (versus typically only Results Goals) 

  4. Creating your "hat manuals" so you can work in a calm, clear way everyday

  5. Capture, Categorize, Calendar – to deal skillfully with things you want to do

  6. Working with (and through) Creative Discomfort so that you create consistently

  7. Why and how to organize your information by “deliverables”

  8. The process for clearing your Email Inbox regularly – an amazing feeling!

  9. My recommended amount of time for various key business areas, which you'll be able to modify based on your goals

  10. Dealing with Overwhelm – how to create a new instinct for relating skillfully to a deluge of ideas or things yet undone 

  11. EADA (Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Appreciate) – how to get more done by doing less, yet enjoying more of what you do

  12. Decluttering your computer and workspace

  13. Working lightly, so that you can sustain long-term growth – strict with showing up, lenient with the results, and gentle with refocusing

  14. The Path of Mastery – deliberate practice and tracking of habits

  15. The practice of Gentle Ambition: setting goals while working without attachment

  16. Finding your optimal way to overcome procrastination on a daily basis

  17. Your own start-of-work routine that supports each work hour

  18. Your end-of-workday ritual that helps you feel complete daily

  19. Efficiently clearing your to-do list each day

  20. Preventing burnout and developing your sustainable stamina

  21. Creating your own “energy reboot” to use frequently to get unstuck

  22. Your optimal rhythm of daily rest, including naps if helpful

  23. …plus additional topics as raised in the weekly Q&A call, which can include any topics about marketing or business.

Even if you implemented just one third of the program – or even one-tenth! – your use of time and energy will be more effective by year's end.

​What You'll Receive:

  • Lifetime Access to Joyful Productivity -- the essential skills (that most entrepreneurs don't have!) in order to be sustainably organized, calmly focused, and deeply joyful no matter what you are working on. To effectively and quickly overcome procrastination so you can always feel joyfully empowered to work on the most important things. You get lifetime access to these 13 core lessons (videos and templates).

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls -- just for TLC members. During this 30-minute weekly group call, you can bring your specific challenge in regards to prioritizing your business actions, optimizing your joyful productivity, or any other questions related to marketing your business.

  • Supportive accountability throughout the year with your TLC buddy or team, to help you solidify great habits.

  • Optional Private FB Group to connect with fellow participants for mutual support and growth.
  • Monthly Bonus Group Q&A Call (1 hour each) where you can ask any questions about marketing or business. You'll  also receive these recordings afterwards.

  • Additional Q&A Calls will be scheduled to address questions outside the scope of TLC or productivity, including marketingsocial mediabusiness growth, etc, as long as there's interest from members! For context, in July there will be 4 additional Q&A hours not listed above, just for members. Plenty of support!

For context: hiring a skilled coach costs $100+ USD per session.
This program is akin to a light touch with a skilled coach on a monthly basis, along with a community of fellow practitioners.

​$70 USD
per month through Dec 2022

When Are The Live Sessions?
Here are the times for the 30-minute weekly TLC calls.

Americas & Europe
Every Monday
8:30am Pac / 11:30am East / 4:30pm UK

Australia & Asia
(and Americas evening)
Every Wednesday
8:30am Singapore / 10:30am Sydney
...which is Tuesdays 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

The call for each time zone alternates between Teaching vs Q&A each week, so that each time zone can experience both formats.

There are additional Q&A calls scheduled at other times,
not listed above, which also accommodate both time zones.

Recordings are sent every week so you'll have a rich library of video lessons that you can keep reviewing for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • “Can I join with a month-to-month commitment, and stop if it’s not right for me?”
    Yes of course -- we definitely want people to stay only if they're enjoying the program. However, it's designed as a 1-year experience, with progressive lessons, so please set that intention when joining. Your staying in the program will also be very helpful for your TLC accountability buddy.
  • “Will this program be valuable if I’m only able to dedicate part-time hours to building a business?”
    Yes – out of everything else I offer, this is indeed a perfect program to learn and implement a more efficient and effective use of your time.

  • “How large is the group size for the weekly half hour sessions?”
    There are 2 types of half-hour calls – lessons and Q&A.
    For the Lesson calls, having more people there makes it more interesting for everyone, given the live chat and contributions of everyone’s ideas.
    For the Q&A call, I guarantee that I will either answer your questions on the call, or if not, I’ll email you my response later. If there are more people than I can address, I create additional Q&A calls for this program.

The Bottom Line:
You'll receive excellent guidance
​for your business priorities
and joyful productivity
and plenty of support along the way.
George Kao
Dr. Steve Chee - Integrative Medicine

“TLC has been a profound experience for me.

What if you could have an assistant whom you could fully trust to schedule your life in a way that felt aligned with your heart and soul’s purpose? An assistant who knew you as well as you know yourself and was willing to be flexible and adaptable to your changing life and demands and always wanted to make sure you were taking care of yourself first?

TLC helped me get in touch with this assistant inside me.”

Integrative Medicine

George Kao
Tomar Levine - Spiritual Mentor

“Having been structure-resistant for my entire life, I am starting to soften in my approach to my calendar. Although George is super-organized, he allows for all degrees of flexibility in adapting his principles. That's what makes it possible for me to experiment and play. I'm starting to block off periods of time for my top priorities, for what I am motivated to do anyway, and this starts a dialogue between me and my external world. Instead of being haphazard and impulse-driven, I am feeling more intentional and in harmony with my actions, while remaining relaxed and actually happier - and more productive.”

Spiritual Mentor

George Kao
Tara Whitney - Intuitive Eating Counselor

“I was very reluctant before joining George's TLC program. I thought that I had enough on my plate and I was already creating a weekly calendar.

Yet, I knew deep down that I wasn't spending my time in the way that served me and my business best. I was checking off the boxes, but those boxes weren't really supporting me.

​TLC gave me a gentle approach to make small changes and had room to play and experiment. I know I don't need to do it "right" and I can use my weekly process to try out habits and techniques so that I'm spending my time intentionally. TLC has been a game changer and I know I'm just getting started!”

Intuitive Eating Counselor

George Kao
Tia Ma - Holistic Resilience Coach

“Out of the 20 -plus courses I’ve taken from George so far, this one—the TLC program —has facilitated the most shift in my world.

It’s because it addresses time, and our relationship with agreements.... especially agreements to our self!

​As someone healing trauma in my brain and body, time has been a place of distortion, dissociation and disappointment in my past.
This program, with its Thoughtful Life Calendaring goals is helping me rewire navigating productivity, efficiency AND self care.”

Holistic Resilience Coach

George Kao
Gregory Vahanian - Life Coach

“George Kao’s TLC program is imbued with George’s signature gentleness and self-care as cornerstones to Joyful Productivity.

I’m finding the application of TLC has both up-levelled the quality of my self-care as well as my time blocking and wholehearted productivity.”

Life Coach

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