The Authentic Content Challenge

The Authentic Content Challenge
(7 Days: June 12-18)

For most of us (myself included!) – authentic content doesn’t just create itself, at least not on a consistent enough basis to grow a sustainable audience that makes a positive difference to our business (and in the world!)

That’s the purpose of this 7-day challenge: to help you develop the muscle of showing up consistently, no matter what, to express your authentic heart of service, towards your ideal audience.

Most importantly, to do this in a community of kindred spirits!

Who this is for:

  • People just getting started with content, and are open to courageously experimenting in a safe space. 

  • People who need a boost to get back on track with content, and would enjoy the encouragement from a group of kindred spirits.

  • People who are wanting to talk about a new topic, and aren't sure how to get started, and would love some motivation to experiment in our safe space.

How much hand-holding will there be?

  • It’s important to not expect any handholding about how to create content, how to distribute content, or anything else. (See below for another resource.)

  • Fellow community members will be giving you some light feedback, mostly as a way to encourage your continued authentic creation process.

  • If you seek step-by-step instructional videos about creating content, join the larger Soul Gym Content Program instead.

What are the benefits of doing something like this for 7 days? 

  • You’ll likely break through to a new level of courage and consistency in your content creation – or perhaps re-inspire an earlier momentum!

  • You’ll discover, through practice in a loving community, a deeper (or renewed) connection to your authentic voice, whether it’s through writing, videos, or art.

  • You’ll probably make new friends / accountability buddies that you’ll carry forward after this challenge to continue supporting each other’s authentic creation efforts.

To participate in this challenge, you commit to these rules:

  1. This is a 7-day community-based challenge (June 12-18) to help you dissolve the inner (and outer) barriers to consistent, authentic creating.

    To participate, you agree to post one "Stage 1 Content" into our private Facebook group each day.  (If you don’t know what “stage 1 content” is, learn about the 3 stages of content creation.) Of course if you want to share your content publicly or with a wider audience than just our FB group, you are welcome to. It’s your content! However, our group is a safe space for experimentation.

    What format should your posts be? Writing, video, art, or podcast episode? Whichever you feel will more likely support your business going forward, is what we’ll encourage you to post in the group.

    How long does your content need to be? It really doesn't matter. The key is to create and share with us each day.

    You can ask questions in the group. George and other helpers of the program will try my to answer them (briefly!) during the 7 days of the challenge.

  2. After you've made your post for the day, turn around and comment on 2 other people's posts.

    Especially look for the ones that don't have any comments yet, and support them!

    Your comments don't have to be long or take much time. A simple and sincere encouragement can go a long way.

    Note -- the challenge will take place in a private Facebook group.

$24 USD
This works out to $3.50 per day for the challenge.

Current members of the following programs can participate in this challenge for free:

(Look for an email from George Kao with the link to enroll.)