The Blog to Book Strategy:
Organize Your Existing Writings to
Self-Publish on Kindle & Paperback
With a 5-Week Step-by-Step Process
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Now that I’ve self-published four books (two of which have second editions!) this is what I wish to say to all aspiring book authors:

Please publish sooner. 

Each book builds your credibility, and over time, increases your fanbase, students, clients, and referral sources. It’s better to get that process started sooner!

Don’t require yourself to write your magnum opus in your first books. Truly, your masterpiece is your entire body of work. (For example, the second editions of my books are far better than the first edition.) You have to get started, so that you’ll receive the reader feedback needed to keep improving your books.

The benefits of publishing:

  • The process of putting your book together (and getting feedback) is itself a profoundly helpful method to clarify your own message.

  • With a book, you’ll now have a collection of your best writing that you can proudly gift to your most important prospective clients and colleagues.

  • You’ll be instantly more credible to your prospective clients, and among your colleagues and fans, now that you’re a published author.

  • You’ll get discovered by new prospective clients and referral sources via the Amazon search engine and anywhere you promote your books.

  • You’ll have checked off an important bucket list item – publishing a book!

​I am excited to walk you through my entire process in this course:

  • How to repurpose what you’ve already written, so that you don't reinvent the wheel.

  • How to select among all your writings, to choose which pieces to include in your book.

  • How to come up with the best title for your book, with the support of your network, which also plants the seed for your upcoming book launch!

  • How to know when the book's manuscript is done (how many words or pages should it be?)

  • How to get volunteer editors who are your ideal readers.

  • How to get a great book cover designed for under $100

  • How to find someone to do the book layout (interior design) very affordably. This is especially helpful if you have diagrams or other visuals to include. You could try to do it yourself via Kindle Create, but for many of us, spending a bit of money to have it done right by someone else will be worth our time, and will be the recommendation in this course.

  • How to decide on the price of your books.

  • How to self-publish the eBook on Amazon Kindle. This means that all devices – phones, tablets, and computers – will be able to read your book by using the free Kindle app.

  • How to launch / promote your book authentically, without sounding salesy.

  • How to easily turn your book into a Paperback -- for free -- and sold on Amazon print-on-demand (no more stockpiling books in your garage!)

  • How to affordably turn your book into a professional-sounding Audiobook (sold on Audible and iTunes). 

  • How to get your first 5 book reviews, which is actually more reviews than most books on Amazon!

  • A simple marketing plan that consistently gets sales, and doesn't require you to embark on an exhausting book tour.

Through this course and the bonus Q&A calls, I will hold nothing back. I’ll show you everything that can help you gain confidence about the self-publishing process… to finally write, publish, and market your books!
George Kao
Ginny Branden - Animal Communicator

“In typical George fashion he takes something that is daunting and scary and breaks it down into simple steps that can easily be completed one by one. If you've been on the fence about about writing a book - don't wait! With George's support and organization it's easy!”

Animal Communicator

Course Price: $150 USD
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​This course guides you into self-publishing on the Amazon platform (both Kindle and Paperback) from start to finish.

The aim is to do it in 5 weeks, and is absolutely possible if:

  • You’ve already written at least 10-20 blog posts that, on average, have about 1,000 words each.

  • You would be proud to publish a collection of (some of) your blog posts, organized into a theme.

  • You have only about 10,000 words to publish, and are interested in publishing a Kindle Short, which is a popular format for e-books for people who are looking for books that take less than an hour to read.

If you’re excited to self-publish a book with my guidance and the encouragement of a student community, join us for this 5-week course!

Even if you aren’t going to publish in 5 weeks, you can still join the course to learn the ins-and-outs of the full process of organizing one’s writing and self-publishing on Amazon.

You'll also be able to connect with fellow students of this course to trade book feedback and potentially co-promotions as well.

For months or years to come, the student directory will be a valuable resource for you.

The Bottom Line:

For an affordable price, you'll learn a system you can use again and again to write, publish, and promote books!

What You'll Receive:

  • Templates for my book launch process, tools, and examples.

  • Videos to walk you through every step of the template.

  • Student Directory to trade book feedback, mutual encouragement along the process, and potentially co-promotions once the book is published.

  • Private Facebook Group to get fellow student feedback on various aspects of your book, including title, chapter organization, introduction, book cover, and any other encouragement and support you need! (To be clear, the FB group isn’t to receive my support – if you want my personal feedback, come to a group Q&A call… see below.)

  • Two Bonus Group Q&A Calls -- where you can ask me anything. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well! For more info -- Dates of George Kao Q&A Calls

​​To have a system for writing & publishing your own books?
Well-worth the price of admission.
Course Price: $150 USD

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George Kao
Coleen Chandler - Professional Certified Coach

“It's rare to find a class where your expectations are fully met. Blog-to-Book is such a class. George Kao goes into the nitty-gritty of publishing an ebook, from coming up with a book title to finding editors to creating a book cover to uploading to Kindle. Every step is covered well and all questions answered - with care, ease and gentleness. I find myself excited to move forward because the path to publishing is finally clear.”

Professional Certified Coach

George Kao
Joselito Laudencia​​ - Spiritual Leadership & Life Coach

“I've been dreaming of writing my own book for over a decade. Just after the first class, I made the commitment to publish my first book… and now I have! This course gave me the confidence, tools, and steps to make it happen.”

Spiritual Leadership & Life Coach

Course Price: $150 USD
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