Webinar Bundle:

Joyful Productivity &
Authentic Success

Joyful Productivity is a curated collection of tools, techniques, and key shifts of mind that I’ve been developing and teaching for more than 10 years. It is designed to help self-employed professionals gain a daily rhythm of calm, clear actions that help them effectively manifest their goals, with plenty of self-compassion.

In this webinar, I explain:

  • The 5 Principles of Joyful Productivity
  • How to deal with Self-Sabotage
  • Finding consistent motivation to show up for your important work
  • Developing joyful discipline and gracefully moving through resistance
  • Working lightly

You'll also access the Authentic Success webinar, where I explain
the 5-part formula:

  • Vision & Values -- creating your long term definition of Success
  • Milestones -- effectively defining mid-term goals
  • Process -- working on your pathway to goals
  • Being -- finding success in each moment
  • Review & Revision -- so that Success continues to be authentic and truly fulfilling for you

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Participants of these webinars wrote…

George Kao

“In my long experience , I have rarely come across such wisdom, delivered in simple, inspiring, and enjoyable steps. George makes me love productivity.”


George Kao

“This webinar was packed full of great tips and tools for creating a much more meaningful definition of authentic success and then getting out there and making it happen.”

Life Coach

George Kao

“George Kao's approach to joyful productivity is brilliant, hands down.”

Legacy Planning Consultant

George Kao

“This is thoughtful webinar full of valuable treasures and take-aways to create insight and inspiration for daily practices. There's much care and compassion here, and the contagious zest that comes from George's heart-centered way of teaching.”

Holistic Wellness Practitioner