Safe in the Spotlight:
Feeling Comfortable with Marketing & Visibility
By Using EFT Tapping​
with Liesel Teversham and George Kao
(Cover image by Aaron Burden from Unsplash.)

As a heart-centered person, do you ever experience the following… 

  • It’s hard to put yourself out there… what if your work, message, or presence gets criticized?

  • It’s uncomfortable to be in the spotlight… you don’t like being the center of attention… and who are you to do that great work anyway? 

  • What if you are successful in your marketing, becoming much more visible, and lose your quiet recharge time?

Many of us feel vulnerable when sharing our life's work. We fear being judged, criticized, humiliated or ridiculed for our work and opinions. 

Perfectionism can play a part too. Maybe you want things to be perfect before you put it out there, and may easily go into "analysis paralysis"… you wish for a perfect outcome before even taking one step.

Some fear that an audience member might get argumentative. Many sensitives are uncomfortable with aggressive energy and conflict. 

Others compare themselves with people who love the spotlight and make fast progress -  and then feel bad about themselves.

Introverts fear they won't be able to meet expectations to be available to everyone, if they become more visible, because they highly value their quiet recharge time. Some are already overwhelmed with what's on their plate and think "What if I have to work even harder?"

Then there are those who fear they (or what they have to offer), work won't be good enough. They might even feel like an imposter: "Who am I to step up and share what I know? Others are so much further along the road and know more than I do!"

Marketing coaches often tell us to "Just get over it! Nothing bad will happen!" but we still hesitate.

That's because it’s not about our rational, thinking brain. It’s our limbic brain that needs effective reassurance for safety!

In this course:

  • We'll address those core, deep blocks and teach you how to remove them using Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is an effective tool to calm your limbic system and help you to feel safe to be in the spotlight.

  • Our guest teacher is Liesel Teversham, who has 14 years of experience as an accredited EFT practitioner. She’s trained many clients on EFT tapping, and knows how to get the best results.

  • She’ll teach you her methods for using EFT (which includes a lot of kindness, empathy, and self-compassion) to help you clear your emotional blocks that get in the way of sharing your work. She purposely slows down the EFT process so that the tapper can feel their feelings more, creating a deeper effect. 

  • In our sessions, we will do a lot of tapping to work through those blocks.

  • You’ll also have the chance to join a private course directory to find fellow students with whom to practice, and to gently encourage and support each others' visibility efforts!

  • By completing the course, you’ll gain clarity about how to keep using the tools, step by step, to become calmly confident in your business everyday.

  • Whether you’re an introvert or not, if you identify with any of the fears or concerns listed, we warmly invite you to be there. You’ll gain the benefits!
George Kao
Kelly Biasiolli - Embodiment Coach

“I found Liesel's manner, style and voice really calming, supportive and easy to learn from. The sessions felt very safe.

Liesel is aware of many different student needs and variations to help with using EFT effectively and helped to ensure that the information is relevant and effective as much as possible.”

Embodiment Coach

George Kao
Anne Marie Pizarro - Spiritual Mentor

“This course taught me so many new things about EFT and I'm excited to use it as part of my daily practice. Liesel is an exceptionally gentle, knowledgeable and professional teacher and guide of EFT who helps you make breakthroughs and shifts with grace and ease.”

Spiritual Mentor

​What You'll Receive:
  • ​​Three 75-minute video trainings -- lifetime access to the video recordings which you'll be able to pause, rewind, and rewatch as many times as you'd like.

  • The complete audio versions of these trainings, in case you'd like to listen on the go! Lifetime access.
  • Complete resource guide that you can reference again and again, anytime you need to refresh your memory of how to do EFT effectively.
  • Ask any questions in the future, about the strategies, by commenting in the resource guide and getting answers directly.

Learn an effective tool for
gaining calm confidence
so you can be visible for your business.

Only $100 USD

About the teacher, Liesel Teversham:

Liesel is an HSP, empath, and sensitive introvert who used to be painfully shy. In the past decade, however, she has built an online coaching/healing business, learnt to teach workshops, hosted podcasts and a telesummit, and presented live videos on Facebook. She understands how much courage it takes for sensitive introverts to step into the limelight, and she's taught many people how to use EFT to feel more comfortable stepping out and being visible so that they can reach higher career and business goals. Liesel as an Advanced EFT Practitioner with ​loads of compassion, empathy and kindness for her students.

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20-minute conversation with Liesel about this course: