Authentic Content Writing
Get into a Consistent Rhythm
of Exploring & Sharing Your Message​​
and Expanding Your Clarity & Confidence!
A New Online Workshop From George Kao
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When you become a consistent writer, you will find your unlimited well of creativity.

​Over the past 5 years, I have:
  • overcome my writer's block
  • discovered the core message of my authentic business
  • self-published 4 books
  • and created more than a dozen online courses

The practice at the foundation of these breakthroughs is 
consistent authentic writing. 

To show up on a regular basis and practice exploring and expressing your thoughts, experiences, insights, through the written word -- and then posting it online -- is also one of the simplest "secrets" to building an authentic audience.

And that is the purpose of this online workshop -- to get you into your own rhythm of consistent authentic writing, thereby:
  • Unlocking your unlimited well of creativity
  • Tapping into new energy
  • Revealing new clarity for your authentic business

What we're going to do in this workshop:
  • Help you to trust that you will find your own voice (rather than copy the voices you’ve learned from)
  • To clarify where you will track all your content ideas
  • To plan and get into your sustainable rhythm of writing
  • To learn dozens of content ideas that you can use
  • To practice choosing an idea and actually writing
  • To engage productively with your creative discomfort
  • To decide where you are going to post your writings, e.g. Your Blog,, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • To understand the basics of the technology and etiquette for doing the above
  • To practice the courage of posting your writing online
  • To learn how to make online writing more readable
  • To learn how to repurpose longer pieces of writing into more consumable pieces that are still substantial enough to communicate your message
  • To understand the 3 Stages of Content and how you will apply it to your writing
  • To potentially form an accountability community for your writing or at least to find a buddy
As a student of this course, you'll be able to ask all your questions about the writing process and get responses from George Kao. You'll also get helpful insights from fellow students!

This course has been updated. See here:
Authentic Content Flow

The Bottom Line:
For an affordable price, you'll learn a system to become authentic, confident, and consistent with your writing!

What You'll Receive:
  • 3 hours of step-by-step training videos -- You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.
  • Complete audio versions of these trainings, in case you'd like to listen on the go and review the strategies.
  • 22-Page Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e. a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

  • Private Course Directory to connect with fellow students for mutual support and growth.
  • 2 Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well.
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This course has been updated. See here:
Authentic Content Flow