Authentic Content Flow:
Learn to Create Inspiring Content
On a Consistent Rhythm
That Generates Trackable Results

Online Training with George Kao
Over the past decade, I've created over 1,000 videos and articles (blog posts) and I've discovered this secret:

The more content I make, the more I uncover my authentic voice and clarify my truest message... and the more ideal clients seem to find me.

I wish this virtuous cycle for your business as well.

When you create a consistent rhythm of publishing authentic content, you'll discover these benefits:

  • Newfound clarity about the message you're meant to share
  • Deeper confidence in expressing yourself authentically
  • True fan audience who enjoy just about anything you create
  • Consistently being discovered by new fans
  • Developing credibility in the mind of potential clients
  • Seeing the positive transformation of your fans, thanks to your content
  • Engagement data to help you decide what products to create
  • Greater ease when creating books and courses
  • A body of work that serves as a legacy you can be proud of

This course helps you to discover these benefits for yourself.

Whether you are just starting out -- or already years into your business -- this online training is designed to help you plan your content creationdistribution, and tracking so that your message can be increasingly beneficial for your true fans and clients. 

In the 6 video modules, you will learn:
  • unified model to organize, create and distribute your content based on your authentic creativity.

  • Choosing the right social media platforms that match your goals for content and audience growth.

  • Choosing the right format to create in -- articles, videos, audios, images -- based on your strengths.

  • Figuring out where you'll be keeping your content ideas and knowing how to easily search and find what you need.

  • To engage productively with your creative discomfort.

  • Understanding the order in which you create and publish your content: should you post to one platform first, versus another? What about posting to your website? All this will be clarified and discussed.

  • How to use George Kao's list of 30 best content topics to further your audience growth and income, while allowing you to reflect and express your authentic experience.

  • Explore the key principles of making great content that generate the most positive impact.

  • How to organize your content -- the ideas before you create, and the published pieces afterwards -- so that you can track your results and repurpose the best content for years to come.

  • Clarify the balance between free vs. paid content.

  • Get your questions answered about creating content.

  • There will be a private course directory to help you connect with fellow students to discuss mutual support and accountability as you grow your authentic business!

You'll discover that if you are willing to be authentic with your audience, remain consistent, and serve them with a helpful heart, you will draw forth the ideal clients who would love to work with you.

Through authentic content marketing, you'll also become more courageous about revealing your values and beliefs.

This will resonate with those whom your business can best serve, making a real and positive impact in their lives. ​

Join this online course to learn how to create content consistently to build your true fan audience!

​What You'll Receive:
  • 12 hours of video training -- You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.​ 
  • Content Planning Spreadsheets to help you design your content flow and track your results.

  • Private Course Directory to connect with fellow students for mutual support and growth.

You receive lifetime access to all of the above.

​​These recordings and resources do not expire.
You also receive 2 Months of Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao -- where you can ask any questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well!

$200 USD
for lifetime access

Praise for George Kao's Recent Course:

George Kao
Kerry Lee - Creativity Teacher

“George has made tracking via the (originally) dreaded spreadsheets attractive, comprehensive and do-able.

I feel confident that implementing this course will improve my business.”

Creativity Teacher

George Kao
Sophie Messager - Perinatal Educator

“I'm delighted I took this course. It was so much more than just about content! I got an education about how to truly share authentically. I also loved that George made it simple and accessible to newbies and totally doable as opposed to overwhelming.”

Perinatal Educator

George Kao
Suzanne Culberg - Holistic Health Coach and Teacher

“I loved the clear explanations, and the encouragement to focus on one thing at a time, and how everything is recorded so I can revisit as I want to implement a different section. Highly recommend this course! Detailed but actionable. Best value for money.”

Holistic Health Coach and Teacher

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