Offer Revision Workshop
Reframe Your Offerings
So That They Sell & Serve Well

George Kao
Deborah Munhoz - Healthcare Leadership Coach

“I learned so much about creating a compelling offer and in the process learned key concepts about where an offer fits in my business model. After over 10 years in business, I now understand that easy yes offers are just to give prospects a sense of my energy imprint and how I think about the content. That will save me so much work in the future!”

Healthcare Leadership Coach

What if you could create offerings that are naturally attractive to your ideal clients, without having to persuade... or push... or charm?

This is a short course / group program to help participants make their offers much more appealing.

What’s an "offer" -- or "offering" -- in the context of business?

It’s your service, package, program, course, or event.

Through this course, you’ll work on restructuring your offer so that it is maximally appealing to your ideal client. 

Your offer, after you work through this course, will be more likely to sell well -- and serve well.

FYI – if you have no idea what to sell yet, it’s best that you take the CORE Market Research Program first.

If however you’ve been trying to sell some service(s) or program(s) and it’s not selling as well as you'd like -- even to the people you thought would have bought -- then this is the course for you.

We’re going to troubleshoot what’s not working excellently about your offer. Why isn’t it appealing to your ideal clients, students, or participants?

Here's what we're going to learn and practice in this course:

  • We'll look into what is and is not an offer, and see whether having multiple offers are useful.

  • We'll work on how to explain your offer simply.

  • We'll explore who our ideal clients really are, as well as how to measure their progress and transformation.
  • We'll study actual examples of offers that are transformed.

  • We'll discuss how to learn from your niche-mates, so that you'll have market-based ideas to improve your future offers.

  • You'll learn about authentic ways for putting some limits on your offer instead of FOMO-based strategies.

  • Perhaps the most valuable part of this program: a community of service providers who are improving their own offers, with whom you can trade mutual feedback to improve yours.

  • Through our community, you might also discover collaborators to help test your offer in front of more people.

In short, you’ll learn (and practice) upgrading the value of your offer, so that (many) more of your ideal clients give you an authentic yes!

I can’t wait to share this experience – and community of practitioners – with you. 

George Kao
David-Jan Jurasek - Relationship Mentor

“What a brilliant deal! George gets us to roll up our sleeves, walking through exercises, fielding common and tricky questions and having a very clear structure and process that covers all the relevant terrain... and the price made it a no brainer!”

Relationship Mentor

The Price:

One-time Payment of $120 USD for the whole program and community.

The Student Community:

Besides the course material, perhaps the most valuable aspect is the community you'll gain access to in this program.

You'll meet fellow holistic practitioners and service providers who are also implementing these ideas to improve their offers.

There will be a student directory, along with a structured way to get in touch with other students so that you can trade feedback (important!) as well as potentially make new friends who would help you place your offers in front of more people.

The community is hosted via Simplero (not Facebook) and you'll have ongoing and perpetual access to it, long after the live calls have completed. 

George Kao
Manuela Pauer - Career and Life Happiness Coach

“I really enjoyed George's Offer Revision Workshop. I liked the step-by-step approach where he guided us through different parts of our offer through bite-sized exercises that were enjoyable. It was great to interact with other like-minded course members as well. Thank you, George!”

Career and Life Happiness Coach


By engaging in this course, you’ll learn and practice a method you can use again, and again, with any of your offers now and in the future, to keep improving its resonance and success with your ideal clients 👏🏽

Everything is recorded and sent to participants, so it's OK if you cannot attend the live calls. The kind of feedback you’ll get in the student community could be worth a lot to your business as you improve the resonance of your offerings.

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Any questions? Ask here.

George Kao
Christine Burgmer - English Language Coach

“The 'Offer Revision Workshop' was my very first course with George. I just loved it. I attended the amazing live sessions, worked my way through the well-structured online material and learned so much more than I expected. Not only do I now know how to reframe my offers so that they attract my ideal clients. But I also understand how I can be more authentic in my business. I've already been recommending this course to my friends and colleagues.”

English Language Coach