Book Cover Front - 2nd Ed Principles of Authentic Business

“​It was a joy reading this book! 5 stars, no question. It left me hopeful to reboot my online business the authentic way. The book provides a great antidote to hustle culture, big money at all costs and manipulative marketing. If you want a sustainable lifestyle and business this book is for you.”

–Eliza Bulz

"George Kao's "Principles of Authentic Business" has been a game-changer for me, and the second edition takes it to a whole new level. As a solo entrepreneur striving to create a business with values rooted in respect and compassion, this book has been an invaluable companion on my journey.

In this updated edition, Kao emphasizes the significance of prioritizing our inner lives as the foundation of an authentic business. He beautifully shifts the focus from sales to service, presenting a more compassionate alternative to the conventional, profit-centric approach. What makes this book stand out is its structure – each chapter delves into a different aspect, allowing readers to pick and choose topics of immediate relevance without feeling the need to follow a linear sequence.

The inclusion of companion videos at the end of each chapter is a brilliant touch. Kao's elaboration in practical situations provides a deeper understanding, making it easy for kindred entrepreneurs like myself to relate. These videos not only enhance comprehension but also add a personal touch to the learning experience.

Kao's writing is refreshingly candid and insightful, making this book a joy to read. His emphasis on compassion and respect in business is not just theoretical; it's practical and actionable. What truly sets this edition apart are the practical tips and directions provided throughout, offering tangible ways to enhance and refine your authentic business.

For anyone seeking a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship, "Principles of Authentic Business" is a must-read. George Kao doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk, and his guidance has undoubtedly improved the way I approach and conduct my business. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this book is an invaluable resource that will inspire and guide you towards creating a business that aligns with your values."

– Vanessa Carneiro Kindt


“With this book, George Kao guides us into a new way of doing business: authentically, incorporating joy and heart and by building trust before making the sale.

He provides a template for achieving this based on his own experiences of going from one type of business to the other and how that has transformed his life and his business.

Each chapter comes with an accompanying video which reinforces the messages contained in the book.”

–Jakki Francis

“After working hard to create my own business online, I was having trouble promoting it consistently. When by chance I came across George Kao's low-key but very helpful advice on how to do marketing from the heart, it turned out to be exactly what I was needing. I was immediately impressed with his soft-spoken authenticity. He was very positive without hype or pressure. As a professional teacher and healer, this kind of authenticity is extremely important to me and I wanted this for my business and my life.

In this new book, I have found the kind of advice and practices that make me happy to promote my business as a service to others and myself.

George Kao's writing style very readable and engaging, and he provides both the overarching mindset and practical advice to really "get it" and then implement the ideas in my own business practices. It is at once both well-grounded and inspiring with an eye to developing long-term consistency without leading to burnout.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is just starting a business or is ready to re-think their approach to an already established business. Discover the intrinsic pleasure in developing a natural flow and authentic relationship with your service and customers.”

–Jeffrey Scott

"George Kao's Book Principles of Authentic Business is an important manual for any solopreneur and heart-led business owner. Full of wisdom, resources, and helpful frameworks, this book covers so many challenges us business owners face alone- from consistent marketing to courses, to ads, to managing our own moods and productivity. This is all written with George's compassionate, encouraging, and purpose-affirming attitude. I'm thankful for this book, and know I will refer to it in the years to come!"

-Tina from Move with Courage Life and Career Coaching

“This book teaches how to infuse real heart into business, and does it in a way that allows small businesses to offer their work in the world with integrity. Yes, it is work, but this book shows that it can be sustainable, joyful work! If I could have only one business-building book on my shelf, this is it. If you’re a wholehearted entrepreneur, your life and work are likely very connected, and the way you do anything is the way you want to do everything.”

–Marina Francis

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