This is a "Gentle Summit"...

...because you won't have to juggle your time trying to attend 40 sessions 😅  but instead, you are presented with 5 thoughtful sessions.

In other words, this event is designed to truly serve and uplift the attendees while minimizing overwhelm.

Who is this summit designed for?

Solopreneurs such as coaches, healers, consultants, course creators, who seek grounded advice about how to create a successful business while prioritizing self-care and the integration of spiritual values into daily work.

Who are the speakers?

Ash Riley

Bear Hebert

Mark Walsh

Calvin Correli well as George Kao (yours truly!)

Summit price -- $75 USD -- lifetime access.

Speakers are excited to teach on these topics:

  • Getting clear about the problem you solve for what types of people, and choosing the ones (problems and people) who are most eager to pay

  • Learning to trust yourself and radiate your authentic energy -- because that's what resonates with your ideal clients.

  • Being clear about your weekly time structure, so that you can design/live a balanced life even as you are creating/growing your business

  • Understand the CARE model to be aware how you're spending your time: Creating, Admining, Responding, Educating (yourself).

  • Market research so you can better understand the wants of your ideal client

  • Understanding your business numbers and budget

  • Awareness of how your personal stuff shows up in your business: boundary issues, self-worth, etc. Learning to use it as an opportunity to work on yourself.

  • Simplicity in your next steps -- getting clear about your goal, then working backwards to understand what's absolutely needed to make that happen

  • The importance (and courage) to talk with your network as you start your business or to help you get your next clients

  • Iterating your way to success -- getting a simple process going first, then improving along the way

  • Your way of working – the consistency of showing up, and how lightly you are approaching challenges and decisions – will determine how long you’re going to last in your business.

  • Make sure you are defining success on your own terms, and with your deep values... and not society’s or your parents or your coach’s.

  • Ways to remind yourself, when times are tough, that your business is still worth it to nurture and grow.

When does it happen?

There are 5 sessions (one session per speaker) – held live via Zoom, and recorded for those who cannot attend (or those who do, and wish to review the materials!)

We’ve separated the times so that it can accommodate both major time zones.

The whole summit will be worthwhile!  You can watch the recordings for any session you cannot attend.

Sessions for Time Zone 1:

  • Bear Hebert – Oct 26 @ 9am Pac / 5pm BST
  • Mark Walsh – Nov 2 @ 9am Pac / 4pm GMT
  • George Kao – Nov 9 @ 9am Pac / 5pm GMT

Sessions for Time Zone 2:

  • Calvin Correli – Oct 31 @ 4pm Pac / Sydney 10am Nov 1
  • Ash Riley – Nov 7 @ 4pm Pac / Sydney 10am Nov 8

Yes, all the recordings will be available (lifetime access) for those who register.

Summit Price:

$75 USD -- Lifetime access.

The sessions are easy to access:

  • You can stream the videos on any device.
  • If you wish, you can also download the videos into computer or mobile, so that you can watch offline if you'd like. 


There will be surprise bonuses revealed by the Speakers during their sessions!  We hope the mystery will intrigue and we believe the gifts will satisfy your curiosity :)