How to Use LinkedIn

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George Kao
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“With George's clear guidance, the impenetrable and forbidding forest that had been LInkedIn has instead become an open sunlit field. Amazing! I feel like I've discovered another country I can enjoy visiting and I feel so joyful about this discovery.”

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You probably have a LinkedIn profile. So do most people you know. You might even get regular emails from LinkedIn about your network… and so do most people you know!

Imagine that you're using LinkedIn much more effectively -- having an optimized profile that feels authentic and whole to you, and engaging in occasional activity that grows and nurtures your ideal network.

If you have felt uncomfortable with the highly transaction nature of how "networking" is usually done, this course will show you how to be a caring professional on LinkedIn that makes you top-of-mind for those who would be glad to refer opportunities to you.

In this course, we'll explore:

  • The 3-part strategy of using LinkedIn effectively and authentically.

  • How should LinkedIn fit into an overall marketing strategy for a self-employed professional?

  • How to optimize one's LinkedIn profile for ideal connections... those who naturally resonate with who you are authentically.

  • Who are your ideal connections? We’ll clarify that too.

  • Whom should we accept connections from? Should we break connections with those that aren’t professionally relevant to us?

  • When we’re on LinkedIn, how to understand the cluttered interface and what should we be focusing on?

  • The different types of posts on LinkedIn -- what’s worth doing?

  • How does the LinkedIn algorithm work -- how can we get our posts seen by more of our network? And to those outside our network? 

  • Do LinkedIn hashtags really matter? How do we test which ones work best for us? 

  • The ongoing checklist that helps you strategically use LinkedIn to nurture an ideal network that you genuinely enjoy!

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George Kao
Richard Hill - DNA Testing Advisor

“I have taken several of George's courses and always learn a lot. His approach to teaching, including recordings and interactive reference documents, lets me master the content in my own way at my own pace. The LinkedIn course was one of the absolute best yet.”

DNA Testing Advisor

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George Kao
Marianne Nygaard - Psychologist & Leadership Expert

“George Kao's LinkedIn Course is the most in depth and useful LinkedIn course I've attended (and I've taken a few.)

In George's course, you'll get all you need for using LinkedIn effectively and authentically.

I highly recommend it!”

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